10 ways to make your boss love you

Want to become your boss’s favorite? My U.S. News & World Report column this week suggests 10 habits that, if cultivated, will have your boss showering you with lavish praise. Read it here. And I hope you’ll weigh in on the “he/she” issue raised by the first commenter on that page; I’m curious to know what others think.

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  1. Sodexo Careers

    I loved your article so much I am going to blog about it on our blog on Friday. I enjoy your blog and your writing!

  2. Sodexo Careers

    I hope you don’t mind that I changed some of the she’s to he’s when I posted your article on our blog. My boss is a he and his boss is a she and I was trying to be “fair” with my she/he’s – I want my boss and his boss to like me!

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