bad interviewer behavior

what to do when your interviewer is terrible at interviewing

A reader writes: Recently I went to an interview where they only really asked me two questions: “Tell me about yourself” and “What computer software are you familiar with.” Now, the job is very similar to the role that I am currently doing at the organization that I work for now and I know that […]

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is there a polite way to walk out of an interview?

A reader writes: I am hoping you can offer advice about a bizarre interview situation I faced. The job was not entry level – it was a directorship position for which I met all qualifications listed in the job description. When I showed up at the interview, it turned out that they had the other […]

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do not do these things, ever (employer edition)

Last week we rounded up some things that job seekers should not do, ever. This week, we have a version for employers. 1. Pressure candidates to resign without notice from their current jobs. 2. Insult candidates over email (by calling them “pushy, unnuanced, unaware, and unprofessional” and saying “I wouldn’t want you coming near a donor”) and […]

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