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I was rejected for a job because of my romantic history

A reader writes: I work in a fairly insular field in a small geographic region, where people in the trade tend to know each other from the workplace and socially. Normally this is a dynamic that facilitates freer sharing of information and resources, which is great. However, sometimes it can get incestuous and go sour. […]

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I share a desk set-up with an engaged couple

A reader writes: I have an…interesting situation developing at my work. I started working in my current position last summer, and it’s my first job after grad school. The field I broke into with this job is notoriously hard to enter, and even though I have very little experience, I’m alone in the department. Since […]

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is it weird to have your spouse visit you at your office?

A reader writes: I recently got a job running a research facility at a university. A few months into the job, my soon-to-be wife mentioned she’d like to come in and see my office. I, however, find this kind of weird. I don’t see anyone else’s spouses or friends dropping by. Also, as a new […]

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