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what to do if an employee keeps missing deadlines

If someone on your staff is regularly blowing deadlines, it’s crucial that you address it quickly – otherwise, the habit can get ingrained and even spread to other team members, who may figure that deadlines aren’t taken seriously. At QuickBase’s Fast Track blog today, I talk about what to do. You can read it here.

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how to tell if an employee’s workload is too high

If you have an employee who tells you that her workload is too high or who can’t get through everything on her plate, in some cases you’ll know pretty quickly that she’s right; you’ll be able to see for yourself that the workload is indeed overwhelming. But in other cases, you might not feel quite […]

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when a reliable employee starts making mistakes

A reader writes: I have an employee who has been working in payroll and purchasing for 2 years with little to no incidents. However, lately there has been a constant stream of mistakes; one in particular required deleting the whole payroll and rekeying it by hand. It is like this employee went home one day […]

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