is there a polite way to walk out of an interview?

A reader writes: I am hoping you can offer advice about a bizarre interview situation I faced. The job was not entry level – it was a directorship position for which I met all qualifications listed in the job description. When I showed up at the interview, it turned out that they had the other […]

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did my interviewer give my resume a numerical grade?

A reader writes: I had an interview today and noticed that at the top of the copy of my resume the interviewer was holding was “97” written in red pen and circled. It made me think of a grade. Is this an accurate assumption? Are there any other explanations you can think of for this? […]

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how should I handle this unprofessional interviewer?

A reader writes: I just turned down a job due to an incredibly unprofessional hiring process, and the company has requested more info and a phone call to discuss my decision. I’m not sure how to handle this. First, some background with names changed. I applied in March when I saw the position posted. I […]

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