are you turning off your interviewer without realizing it?

Smart employers don’t expect job candidates to be perfectly polished interviewees, but some turn-offs that might seem minor on your end can be deal-breakers on the employer’s end, like rambling, playing coy about tough subjects, and minimizing concerns about your fit for the job. At U.S. News & World Report today, I talk about these […]

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what to do when an interview doesn’t go as planned

You’ve spent hours prepping for your job interview and you arrive ready to impress. But in an instant, your careful plans can fall to pieces if you’re thrown off by a change in the interview that you didn’t know to plan for — like discovering you’re interviewing with a different person, or that your interview […]

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my interviewers keep yawning in my face

A reader writes: Here’s a new one that is baffling me. I’m seriously looking for work, and generally get called to interview every few resumes I submit. I treat every interview seriously, and prepare, bring work samples, dress professionally, arrive 5 minutes early, make good eye contact, firm handshake, ask great questions (they respond with […]

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