job searching

why do so many companies never respond to job candidates?

A reader writes: I am amazed at the number of times companies have stopped communicating during the interview process without explanation. In this era of email, I don’t understand why a brief note isn’t sent to let a candidate know they are no longer under consideration. My most recent experience was with a company that […]

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how much do typos matter when applying for a job?

A reader writes: As a general rule, how much grace do hiring managers have with typos in applications/resumes/cover letters/etc? I realize an important factor many employers are looking for is “attention to detail.” However, as applications get longer and longer, it seems almost inevitable that a couple typos will happen, especially if you’re filling out […]

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what you need to know if your job search skills are rusty

If you’re gearing up for a job search but haven’t pulled out your resume much in the last decade, brace yourself for some changes: Job searching has changed in some significant ways in the last 10 years, both in terms of what the experience is like for candidates and in terms of which strategies are […]

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