job searching

don’t ignore these job search red flags

When you’re searching for a job, it can be easy to get so focused on getting hired that you overlook the red flags that can reveal a job or a company that isn’t the right fit for you. That’s a dangerous mindset to have, because it can mean that you end up in a job […]

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why do so many companies never respond to job candidates?

A reader writes: I am amazed at the number of times companies have stopped communicating during the interview process without explanation. In this era of email, I don’t understand why a brief note isn’t sent to let a candidate know they are no longer under consideration. My most recent experience was with a company that […]

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how much do typos matter when applying for a job?

A reader writes: As a general rule, how much grace do hiring managers have with typos in applications/resumes/cover letters/etc? I realize an important factor many employers are looking for is “attention to detail.” However, as applications get longer and longer, it seems almost inevitable that a couple typos will happen, especially if you’re filling out […]

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