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A reader writes:

I’m interviewing for a new job while still employed. Last Friday I had an interview, and the woman who interviewed me was very enthusiastic and mentioned she wanted me to come back for a second interview. (She said if the person she wanted me to meet with was in, I would have met him then, but he was out of the office.) I told her I would love to come back in, and mentioned I had availability on Thursday of the following week due to taking a vacation day, as well as availability Friday, because my office has summer hours. She noted this, said she was really looking forward to me meeting more people at the company, and would contact me.

Saturday morning I sent her a thank you note (by email) and she replied on Monday morning saying that she thought our meeting was great, and that she would be in touch. I have not heard back for her as of yet (Wednesday).

Since my availability is very limited because I’m still employed, I really only have Friday afternoons to set up interviews. Various companies have contacted me this week to set up interviews, but I really am more concerned about this second interview (since I would really like to work for this company), and want to make sure I don’t overbook myself. Would it be wrong or too forward of me to touch base with her and inquire about setting up the second interview, since she knows I’m currently working and I have limited time? Or should I just wait it out and let her contact me?

Give it a few more days. There have only been three working days since your interview, which can be nerve-wracking on your side of the process but is hardly any time on most hiring managers’ sides. I’d say send her a quick email on Friday morning reiterating your interest and asking what she expects her timeline to be for the next interview. (It’s completely legitimate to ask this; employers assume you have other balls in the air and need to be able to plan.)

Meanwhile, move forward with setting up those other interviews. Until you have a firm offer from this company, you have to proceed as if you don’t, since ultimately you can only control your side of the process — so keep setting up those other interviews! Let us know how it goes.

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  1. skymgirl*

    Thanks very much for your advice. I have moved forward with the other interviews (in fact I have one this afternoon) but I will check in with her tomorrow morning. It’s true that three days can seem like a long time when you’re job hunting, but I realize your point that it’s not much time from an employer’s view. I’ll keep you posted on my progress, thanks again!

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