billing your job search to your current employer

Attention job applicants: When you FedEx me your resume and bill the cost to your current company, I can see that right there on the shipping slip. Why does anyone think this is a good idea?

It’s another illustration of how even the little things you do during the application process matter.

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  1. Evil HR Lady*

    Oh my. That seems like a really bad idea on so many levels.

    Hey, I send out tons of stuff via FedEx on the company account. No one would even question if my number went up a little in December. What a great way to send Christmas presents!

    (Please note, I am joking. I would never do such a thing, and until this instant never thought of such a thing.)

  2. MakeAChangeResumes*

    Along those same lines, but not as horrible as costing the company money directly, are the folks who e-mail their resumes using their WORK e-mails — with their professional contact information at the bottom! Why would I want to hire someone who is applying to jobs at work?

  3. Brazilian in US*

    I would never think of hiring someone who showed so much lack of common sense as to use the current company’s resources to apply to other jobs.


    Personal experiences help us to be proactive and face future circumstances of similar nature.


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