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  1. Lisa*

    “Ask a Manager” and “slacker” simply don’t belong in the the same sentence. Give yourself a break, you are answering questions like crazy and they are not simple one-liners. Can your readers shorten their questions some? Can your friends help?

  2. Rebecca*

    Seriously, cut yourself a break! You give detailed, competent, authoritative advice for FREE and post an answer almost EVERY DAY. There’s no “slacker” anywhere in THAT job description.

    If anyone bitches about you needing a break to catch up, I’ll kick them in the face.

  3. Anonymous*

    You give detailed, gracious, firm but fair answers to multi-layered, complex questions. As a writer of a couple of them, I am so grateful for your prompt and thoughtful responses. I wish I could offer you more than my meager gratitude. You should be proud of the work you do here (without compensation!) to help people in job (or non-job) distress like me. Thank you.

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