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  1. Anonymous*

    Congratulations on your blog!!!
    We have a question, and we wish you could have a suggestion on how to handle this situation properly.
    We usually get paid on Tuesday…however last week, for unknown circumstances.. we did not received our paycheck…..
    Any suggestion?

  2. Ask a Manager*

    Have you asked your manager where your paycheck is? There are laws governing this kind of thing; they can’t really mess with it too much. Ask what’s going on.

  3. Anonymous*

    Yes, we have asked our manager..and the answer we were given was “next week you will have it” I do not think this is right.
    What would be our next step, and where could we find the laws on this matter?
    Thank you for your help and consideration in this matter.

  4. Ask a Manager*

    The law varies by state, so you should Google the name of your state plus “wage law” and you should find good information.

    However, your company needs to tell you what’s going on, because generally this sort of thing indicates financial instability, which could indicate that the company isn’t doing well and your jobs aren’t secure. So you might need to be job-hunting. (On the other hand, maybe their answer is something less worrisome, like the new payroll company messed up. But you need to find out what’s going on.)

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