update from laid-off reader — being nice pays off!

Remember the reader from this post last month, who wrote in asking about whether she should send a thank-you note to her boss to thank him for the opportunity she’d had with him?

She just sent in this update:

I wrote to you on March 2nd asking if it would be proper for me to send a thank you note to my boss after getting laid off, because I felt bad for him/his company and I loved the job. Well I wanted to let you know it certainly paid off, because after 5 weeks off I was the first one hired back!!!! (And the only one so far.) Thanks.

What great news! This is awesome.

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  1. Anonymous*

    I sent thank you notes to the two men who laid me off…hasn’t paid off with a job or anything, but it opened the door of communication. I now feel I can meet with either of them and ask for advice, references etc. and I think they would recommend me for other positions within the corporation.

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