which office should I pick?

A reader writes:

We’re moving our offices, and I have been given a nice sunny one near my boss. However, I can have any office I want. Should I give up this office so I can be closer to my other colleagues, as well as nearer to the action? Or should I remain in the nice office, nearer the boss but out of the loop?

I don’t think there’s a right answer here. It depends on: what office you like better, whether being near your coworkers has any impact or is important to you, and whether being near your boss has any impact or is important to you. Personally, I’d take the nice office and find other ways to stay in the loop, but that’s 100% personal preference, based on a fondness for nice things.

That was easy.

Read an update to this letter here.

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  1. Rampancy*

    People e-mail you for this?!!!?? There I was holding back because I was afraid I would sound like a snotty spoiled little bastard. Bothering you with non-issues!

  2. Ask a Manager*

    No, no, I liked it! It's nice to get something lighter sometimes — keep it coming. (Although really, I think there might have been a deeper question in this one that I sidestepped out of laziness.)

  3. Anonymous*

    Do take a second look, Rampancy… It is a real problem, although perhaps presented too passively. I was seeking advice about navigating office politics. The back-biting and maneuvering among people about office selection is brutal. Although I personally don't care about office placement, the organization I work for and the people within it seem to care. Would I shoot myself in the foot career-wise by physically distancing myself from the boss, or give others in the office an unintended message or perception if I chose not to be in "executive row"? The advice about finding other ways to stay in the loop was good.

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