advice recommendation: Tomato Nation’s The Vine

I hope I have you covered on the career/management advice front and you will never, ever need to look elsewhere, but if you enjoy reading advice on life in general, I have always thought The Washington Post‘s Carolyn Hax was indisputably where it’s at. And she still is, but I’ve finally discovered someone else who approaches her god-like heights of wisdom: Sarah Bunting of Tomato Nation. And not only is she fun to read and pretty much always right on, but she also has archives going back to 2000, so if you, like me, like finding someone new who you love and then reading everything they’ve ever written, this will keep you occupied for days. I’ve been reading backwards through all of them, finding it hours and hours of high entertainment, and you can do it too.

Start here (which is the archive for The Vine, the advice portion of her site).

(Oh, and interspersed in there you’ll also find questions and answers like “where do I find these shoes” and “what is the name of this book that I vaguely recall from my childhood” — keep going and you’ll get to plenty of “how do I tell my friend that our friendship has run its course” and “my parents won’t let me drive even though I’m in my 20s” and all kinds of other more traditionally advicey topics).

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  1. Anonymous*

    I always enjoyed Sars recaps at TWoP and was pleased when I ran across her blog. I agree with you that she's right on with her advice!

  2. Anonymous*

    I'm a fan of Dear Margo myself (she was also's Dear Prudence from 1998 to 2006).

  3. Victoria*

    Ha! I had to comment here, even though this post is nearly three years old, because I’m currently in the process of going through all of your archives. (And because I’m an advice column junkie, and because I also worship at the altar of Carolyn Hax.) So yay! I’m excited to take you up on this recommendation.

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