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A reader writes:

My partner and I have just moved countries, which has required me to begin looking for a new job. In my quest, I have been voraciously reading your blog and I am so thankful that such a wealth of helpful information exists in one place. Every single topic is so useful and insightful and I’m excited to put my new found knowledge to the test.

This email is just a short note to say a deeply sincere “Thank You” for producing this. It has made such a difference for me, and I’m sure for the many others who also read your blog. I am recommending it to all my friends and am so appreciative for the difference that your efforts are making in people’s lives.

I don’t normally post notes like this, but I’m in the mood for some appreciation, so here it is. Thank YOU for writing and saying this; it really means a lot to me to hear. And thank you to the rest of you who have from time to time said similar things. It’s why I’m here.

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  1. Anonymous*

    Hear, hear! This blog has been instrumental in calming my job search and interview anxieties. Thank you.

  2. Karen*

    Agreed! I always find your advice to be reasonable, rational, and even humorous. And I'm glad you've tacked such a wide range of questions.

    This has been my go-to resource in job hunting as well. And even now that I'm finally starting a job (woo hoo!), I'll be sure to check back for answers to various workplace scenarios.

    So yes…THANK YOU!

  3. Jonathan*

    Fully agree. This is a great blog for job seekers and those of us in the hiring industry.

    (It's also good fodder for others in the HR blogosphere.)

  4. Rebecca*

    This is the only sane AND modern AND relevant business blog on the internet.

    And I'm not just saying that because I've only disagreed with the advice 3 or 4 times.

    (or because I won a prize off of it)

  5. Lillian2611*

    I subscribe to your blog because I want to learn good management.
    I've been employed by the same company for the last four years. I'm a product trainer at a call centre, which means I am teacher, coach and manager to about 10-15 people for short (4 weeks) stretches at a time.
    I've been told by some who are senior to me that my position doesn't foster management/leadership skills (despite the fact I'm the one responsibility for terminating trainees who aren't meeting client standards!) and I'm very grateful to Ask a Manager for what I've learned so far. I feel like I know how to maintain an even keel when it comes to employee relations and workplace health as a consequence of my visits here.
    So another big thanks to you, Alison!

  6. Sheritz*

    I know I’m years behind, but I came across your blog some time ago and have since been catching up from your first post onwards. It’s very interesting (and relevant, modern, and all that other good stuff that was previously stated), and I also commend you for starting and maintaining it.

      1. Sheritz*

        You’re most welcome! =)

        PS: I recently caught your name on one of those lists of the top most influential HR blogs. Congrats!

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