four random things

1. I guest-posted a few days ago over at You Should Only Know. Complaining about ingrates. Also, her whole blog is awesome; check it out.

2. If you’re job-searching, check your spam folder. This is my annual announcement.

3. It’s really not a good idea to use my sample cover letter as your own. Especially if you’re applying for a job that’s I’m doing the hiring for. I’m going to recognize it. This has happened twice now! That thing is there for illustration purposes only.

4. Did I mention something exciting is coming?

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  1. Cass*

    I'm afraid I'm one of those who asked for advice and didn't say thank you! AAM, I tend to feel the same way as your friend (who felt like she would be bothering the advice-giver a second time). Also, I didn't have the courage to follow through with the advice given so I couldn't reply back with a "I took your advice and this is what happened" story.

    Anyway, thank you for answering my questions! This blog is great and I think we all appreciate you taking the time to answer all of our questions :)

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