Ask a Manager has a new domain name

I’ve finally dropped the “blogspot” from my domain name. I’m now publishing at:

Yes, .org. Because someone owns and will not sell it (or use it, for that matter). So now I’m a .org, like a whole Ask a Manager organization.

If you subscribe to my RSS feed, please update to the new feed:

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  1. Anonymous*

    Hmm… Out of curiosity, I went to to see what was on it, and to my surprise, it seems to be your blog. So, I guess you somehow have the .net redirecting to the .org? I personally like the .net better. I just think it has a better ring to it, but .org is pretty freakin' awesome. Congratulations!

  2. Kimberlee Stiens*

    Does this mean I have to change the links I have in my blog to your new one? Or will they still work for archived articles?

  3. Ask a Manager*

    Anonymous: Yes!,, and all redirect to

    Because I overdid it.

    You like .net better, huh? I may have to contemplate this.

    Kimberlee: They'll still work, for the time being. At some point I'm going to switch from Blogger to WordPress, and at that point they'll stop working, but for now they're good.

  4. Evil HR Lady*

    You're super cool. I should think about doing that, but I'm afraid to lose all my RSS people. I love them so.

  5. Jamie*

    EHRL – speaking as one of your RSS people, we wouldn't mind updating the link … we'd follow you to any url to get our fix of smart and sometimes snarky business savvy.

  6. Jamie*

    IIRC it's slower to report when people use a different feed reader, for instance I use Atom, as those updates are less immediate.

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