you are making me very, very forlorn

Lots of you who get my posts through a news reader haven’t changed your RSS subscription over to my new feed:

And that makes me sad, because someday soon the old feed is going to stop working and then you will not get my posts. Don’t make me sad! Update your subscription!

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  1. Anne*

    Thank you for the reminder! I would have been so upset if I missed a post! I don't care that it makes me look like a creepy fangirl.

  2. Anonymous*

    If your using blogger for the future and just directing the website to blogger the old RSS feed will never go away.

  3. thomast*

    Just a note that Google Reader, at least doesn't allow you to change a subscription's feed – you have to subscribe to the new feed and then unsub from the blogspot feed, so it's more hassle than it might seem. I think the people that actually read the feed will notice that your active posting schedule has dropped off. However, a future post closer to the switch where the title clearly indicates that it's about the RSS feed switch might be more effective, since that's all some people see as they're blasting through a long list of feeds.

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