where are they now: update #13 – the coworker who wets his pants

I’m quite sure you remember the letter from the reader whose coworker was chronically wetting his pants. Here’s her update.

He’s still doing it. Nothing has been done. The IT manager refuses to confront him about his hygiene. Urine-stained pants remain in effect. I think I have just gotten used to the smell. His jacket is another story. Never mind that he NEVER washes it. When it rains (here in Seattle, that’s pretty frequent), it stinks to HIGH HEAVEN of mold and mildew and must.

On top of all this, my other co-worker has raging prejudices about age and frequently remarks about “old people”. She also uses a stereotypical accent when speaking to Hispanic coworkers. Lovely bunch of people I work with, what?

God help me. If it weren’t for this economy, I would be employed elsewhere, promptly after reporting all the BS that goes on at this company. Honestly though, I have no idea to whom I would report this work environment.

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  1. Anonymous*

    From the OP:

    Thank you CJ, it's true, it totally sucks.

    I've repeatedly requested something be done, went to the Director of HR himself. He's saying it's the IT Director's responsibility…

    As for reporting the person with raging prejudices? Not so much, people have already complained about her, I complained about the Agist remarks. She was talked to but refuses to be respectful because she doesn't understand why anyone should take offense.

    She sees respecting others differences as an infringement upon her individuality – so being an a**hole is her little form of protest. She doesn't realize it only betrays her lack of education and maturity as a human being; she's really only hurting herself.

    I did shift my work schedule to Sun-Thurs so that I may reduce the number of hours/week I have to endure this environment.

    At the end of the day, I do have a choice. It is what it is and if I hate it that bad I do have the option to quit. Too bad the economy stinks, otherwise I would stop complaining and just leave.

    Thanks for listening and thanks for the support.

    Some folks accused me of lying in my original post, ah well, that's OK. I know the truth. Perhaps I should send them a swatch of the urine-stained pants as proof.

    1. Unsan*

      I can honestly say I would steal this guys coat while he’s out of the room and throw it away. Preferably in a garbage can located on another floor! If another floor isn’t available bring in an empty duffel bag and take the coat with you when you leave for lunch or for the day.

      Unfortunately it sounds like you’ll have to deal with the pants….unless you want to bring in a large bottle of Febreeze and liberally douse the idiot. :)

      1. Anonymous*

        Oh goodness, prepare to be yelled at by the OP. I was just reading the very original posting along with the comments. Someone had mentioned Febreeze back then, and the OP practically flipped out and attacked that person saying something along the lines that the commenter’s life was pretty bad off to suggest such a thing. But while the OP did request an air freshener for the office, as stated back in the older comments, I doubt s/he will fully appreciate the Febreeze comment as per his/her past reactions.

  2. Anonymous*

    How about OSHA? Is that a possibility? (After all, they went in on that Spider-Man play in NYC when someone got hurt) I guess you can always contact them, and perhaps they can advise you the best way to handle the situation, hopefully short of quitting and finding a new job.

    The prejudicial woman – how long ago did that start? Maybe others need to just tell her to her face the offensiveness of her words and behavior rather than just reporting it. And perhaps in that conversation, you should tell her how much it reflects (or rather doesn't reflect) her education and maturity.

    It sounds like your morale has more than well bottomed-out, but you must remember it's not you who is creating the problems at work. And you are trying to correct both of them. But take the higher road against the haters. Just like the comment you made about the prejudicial woman, it'll start to make you look bad.

  3. Anonymous*

    And I thought I had it bad with the VP of Infrastructure Services chewing and spit tobacco during business hours…wow this post was very disturbing.

  4. Anonymous*

    To OP:
    It seems you may not know this coworker very well, and you may want to consider that he is homeless. I don’t know how well the job pays, but even considering that, with physical and mental health problems, perhaps he is dealing with diabetes, depression or psychosis, denial, defiance, living in a car, lack of access to hygienic materials, etc.
    Just a thought. I still say you write him a note and send another update.

    1. Anoymous J*

      Homelessness had occurred to me, too.

      I’d LOVE to see another update! Hopefully, the OP has managed to find another job.

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