where are they now: update #3 – ostracized by boss after office burglary

Remember the reader who was treated horribly by his boss after being the only person present in the office during a burglary? Here’s his update.

I’m happy to say that I quit on my own terms: first by going on FMLA for three months after a diagnosis of PTSD resulting from the robbery, to maintain my health insurance. After my twelve weeks, I resigned and served them with litigation the same day. They settled, unsurprisingly, for a large sum. I now have a new job in a very secure building, and paid off my college debt to boot. Happy ending I guess, if you don’t count the countless hours I spent in therapy.

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  1. Dawn*

    This is my first time seeing this story. After reading the original post, I would agree that the company was trying to avoid the very thing that happened…a lawsuit. That's the only reason I can think of why a company would tell an employee to lie about being authorized to work that day.

    Congrats, OP, on sticking to your guns and getting the heck out of dodge.

  2. Another Emily*

    I’m glad this awful experience turned out okay in the end. Good on you for standing up for yourself.

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