where are they now: update #7 – the highly inflammatory pantyhose question

Remember the question that caused the most contentious debate in the comments we’ve ever had?  Yes, the question about whether you have to wear pantyhose to an interview. I’m afraid to reopen this debate, but here’s the OP’s update.

I did not wear pantyhose to the interview. I didn’t get an offer, but the hiring manager did tell me that I was an exceptional candidate, and wanted to forward my information to other offices that might be hiring. He told me he was quite certain I wouldn’t be at my current job by the end of the year. I consider that a success!

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  1. Kate Hutchinson*

    Okay, I missed the original, but I just have to say, are nylons all that bad? I only skip nylons/tights if I'm wearing a super casual skirt in super hot weather. And I can't do without them in the winter.

  2. Angela*

    I just read through the comments on the original post. Wow. I'm so glad that AAM closed the comments. There were some evil folks in that thread.

    I think you go by the company culture. And the real point is, they should hire you on ability, not whether or not you wear hose.

  3. fposte*

    I just love that that was the one issue that caused comments to get closed.

    Angela, the problem is that you could substitute "tube tops" or "footwear" for "hose" in that sentence and turn into something you probably don't mean. As you say, company culture is important, and if an applicant doesn't grasp it, then that is a problem with her ability. That's not a statement about hose per se (about which I don't actually care either way), just about company cultures' tendency to involve all kinds of elements that the savvy candidate may wish to consider.

  4. Dawn*

    I agree, fposte. I wanted to post the same comment, but couldn't come up with a way to say it in which we wouldn't open up the whole debate again. :) Yes, company culture is important.

  5. Angela*

    I do understand what you're saying and I agree with you. :D But of course, tube tops and such are not the same thing. Most people are savvy enough to realize that (though of course there are people out there who don't, which is where we have 43 page dress codes in order to spell it all out).

  6. Ask a Manager*

    Okay, I got permission to reveal it: I was actually able to hire her for an awesome job all the way across the country.

    Her stance on pantyhose did NOT play any role in the hiring decision.

  7. Kimberlee Stiens*

    OP here. I definitely agree about the whole happy ending part. :) And I bought a pair of pantyhose, just in case I should ever find myself needing some.

  8. Katy O*

    I just wear pants. Hate skirts…always have. Pants are easier & I don’t have to worry about finding stockings that aren’t snagged.

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