I will totally get you a job.

I can print a letter of praise once in a while without it being obnoxious, right? I hope so, because I really liked this letter:

I was laid off in June and have floundered job search-wise since.  Then I discovered your blog about a month ago, and the Magic Question.

I decided to use the question on the very next interview I got, which took place yesterday. My interviewer was nice but very reserved, and then when she asked if I had any questions, I threw out the Magic Question.

You should have seen how her face lit up!  We talked about my answer for several minutes.  when the interview was over, she was her reserved self once more, and I wasn’t at all sure I’d gotten the job…

Until today. They hired me!  I start the 24th.  I have no doubt that applying your advice is what got me the job. Thanks!

Thank YOU, for taking the time to write and tell me this. You are awesome. And congratulations on your new job, which I suspect didn’t depend entirely on my advice, although I’m willing to take the credit.

I suppose now is the time when a savvy self-promoter would tell me to mention that I have an e-book full of excellent job-hunting advice, so here’s the mention. You can buy How to Get a Job: Secrets of a Hiring Manager here. And because while I may be self-promotional, I am also nice, here’s a discount code for 25% off the price:  25off

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  1. Kate*

    Me too! I asked that question one year ago when I got the job I am currently working in. Same response. Interviewers eyes lit up and they called me back the next day! So thankful for this blog!

    1. Rayvn*

      Dooooo eeeeeet!

      Seriosuly. I will admit, I did put myself out there moreso than usual too, but I think the Magic question really helped :)

      Thanks again, Alison :)

  2. Anonymous*

    I used the question in an interview last week. I have to say, the interviewers were not expecting it. I also used the “What reservations do you have about me?” question. It was nerve wracking, but I sincerely did want to know the answer. They ate it up.

  3. Anonymous*

    I used a slight variation on the Magic Question in the interview for the job I have now, and I definitely think it helped me make a good impression!

  4. Lisa*

    I used the “what reservations do you have about me” question to seal the deal on the job I am in currently. My boss later told me that was the best question she’d ever heard anyone ask, because it allowed me to address right then and there any concerns she had (and she had a few).

    I didn’t use the Magic Question because it was a newly created position; I’m the first and only person to be in it.

  5. Marie*

    To the OP: congratulations!!! I will definitely use the Magic Question the next time I go for an interview.

  6. Stephanie*

    Alison, I have to agree with you helping me get the job. I used the magic question in both of my recent interviews and got both internships. Thanks to the Magic Question, I start a paid internship next week!

  7. Anonymous*

    I also did this exact same thing and got the job! Which was amazing after 5 months of despondent searching, I have to think the magic question was the trick.

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