Valentine’s Day round-up

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, here’s a round-up of some past posts that involved romantic relationships — some good, some bad, and some really weird.

how can I convince my husband I can’t accept a job offer on his behalf?

is my wife’s boss coming on to her?

coworkers are having an affair — should I say something?

when your ex is a coworker — and a silly one (and the later update)

entry-level job search with boyfriend

recruiter I met at career expo asked me on a date — what do I do?

can I use my ex as a job reference?

coworker won’t stop sulking after I turned down a date (and the later update)

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  1. Laura*

    I adore the comments on the “Is my wife’s boss coming onto her?” column. That just made my Valentine’s Day :)

  2. Jamie*

    Those comments were quite awesome – and I feel better that no matter how swamped I am right now, my work-life isn’t nearly as complicated as it could be.

    Oh and I totally would have used the time during the one on one lunch to bend my bosses ear about work issues and discuss upcoming projects…which clearly means I should start to worry about my my inability to have a non-work related conversation these days.

  3. Jamie*

    Oh, and are we supposed to give our bosses holiday gifts? Because I’ve never done that.

    No wonder my career hasn’t taken off!

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