want your resume reviewed by an expert (free)?

Suzanne Lucas of Evil HR Lady is looking for resumes to publish on BNET, where she and hiring managers/recruiters will critique them … and I’ll be her first guest critic!  If you want your resume reviewed by me/her/other awesome people, you can find more details here:

Would you like your resume reviewed by an expert?

Update: As Josh just pointed out in the comments, Evil HR Lady has now closed this to new submissions, due to the large response she already received.

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  1. Josh S*

    EvilHRLady just updated her post:
    “UPDATE: I’ve gotten an overwhelming response to this post, so for right now I’m not accepting any more resumes.”

    Save yourself the time, and save her the frustration–stop sending resumes her way! :D

    (PS. Full disclosure/apology. I only saw the Update after I submitted my resume… Sorry for flooding your inbox!)

  2. Anonymous*

    Darn it, I do not keep my resume on my office computer for obvious reasons and by the time I got home it was too late. Story of my life lately.

  3. Laura*

    Would you post a link where we can see these resumes? I would really appreciate reading expert opinions! Thanks!

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