how to stand out at a job fair

A few months ago, I attended a bunch of job fairs to search for candidates for some jobs I was hiring for. This was my first foray into job fairs, and it was pretty fascinating to watch how different job-seekers navigated the situation differently.

Over at U.S. News & World Report today, I have some advice on job fairs based on my experience recruiting there, and it includes some stuff I never thought I’d write (like this might be the one time it’s okay to have an objective on your resume, and that your handshake might actually matter). Check it out here.

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  1. confused

    Hi AAM,
    I have attended my alma mater’s industry specific career fair the past few years. I’ve done most of the things you list in your article and gotten feedback that my resume is great.
    BUT all the company reps refer me (and everyone else) to their company’s site. I’ve applied for countless positions on those sites and never heard a word (industry specific, HUGE conglomerates). I attend the fair because it’s better than just sitting at home but leave wondering why I even bothered. Being directed to the company site makes me feel hopeless! Why do these reps (from big famous companies that everyone knows about) even attend the fair?
    Is there anything I can say or do while face to face with these “refer to our site for everything” reps?

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