resume review offer ends at midnight tonight

As I mentioned yesterday, I wildly underestimated what the response would be to my resume review offer, so I’m going to end it earlier than the one-week period I’d initially planned. It’ll close it at midnight (EST) tonight.

Everyone who responded, I’m still planning to get back to all of you within the seven days I promised, but if any of you are not on a tight timeline and wouldn’t care if I took a little bit longer, that would be awesome to know…

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  1. ToddH*

    Though we haven’t formally met I consider myself honored to have you review my resume. Luckily, I just sent my payment and resume over to you late last night (EDT).

  2. Anonymous*

    Hopefully you can do this again at another time. I don’t have the funds for it right now, but at some point, I’d love to have your professional opinion on my resume.

    And I hope people who get theirs looked at this time around can come back with a story that it helped them get the interview and/or the job!

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