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  1. De Minimis*

    I thought you gave good advice, some of the other people I disagreed with here and there. Although I’m starting to think that the “good hiring managers” are hard to find these days….

    I think job seekers should be cautious telling potential employers about time spent caring for family members unless it is in the past tense. Otherwise they may think that you have an ongoing situation where you may need to quit or have time off to care for family members.

  2. Wilton Businessman*

    Good Managers are hard to find, period. Good Hiring Managers are even harder to find.

  3. John*

    Totally unrelated to your post, but I just want to tell you that I’ve been reading your blog since March 2009. I am a very critical person that doesn’t BS and rarely gives undeserved praise. And having said that, I just wanted to let you know that I rave about this blog to my friends and colleagues, because this is some of the best work-related information available, particularly information pertaining to the hiring process. Outstanding job on your part, congrats.

  4. v*

    That was an interesting article, and as for the advice I could agree on. However, one thing I have to disagree with is the whole premises of “the only good unemployed person is the one unemployed because of the economy”. While the economy does emphasize this issue at this moment, it is does not mean that it hasn’t been a problem before the current mess. There have and there will always be fully qualified unemployed people no matter what the economy is like. It is a tiny percent, but a large amount of individuals. And for them – it does not help being lumped into one big category of unemployable people.

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