my holiday gift to you

In a frenzy of holiday spirit, this week I’m offering you 40% off my e-book, How to Get a Job: Secrets of a Hiring Manager. Put in this discount code and you’ll get a massive discount: holiday2011

In this book, I set out to give you an inside look at a hiring manager’s brain, so that you can have an insider helping you every step of the way through your job search. You can read the whole description of the book here, or buy it here:

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Happy holidays!

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  1. Ellen M.*

    Unsolicited book review: this book has lots of excellent advice for job hunters – I bought it a while back. I recommend it highly.

  2. Dan Ruiz*

    You rock Alison! This is a super nice thing to do.

    The book is awesome; I bought it a while back too.


  3. Talyssa*

    Speaking of holiday gifts, I have to share this because its hilarious.

    My boss just went through the office while most people were at lunch and dropped little christmas gifts for us (Godiva chocolates) — but she gave out THREE different sizes depending on how much she likes you. Title was irrelevant. Obviously the “how much she likes you” part is somewhat speculation on our part — the biggest gift she only gave to 2 people and to be fair they do take on a lot of ‘lead’ type activities for her even though they don’t have those titles — but the second and third tier of gifts had NO obviously differentiating features other than that she’s not very good at hiding how she feels about people so everyone KNOWS or at least suspects more or less how she feels about them.

    Two of my coworkers are very upset – I just think its funny because come on, even 10 year olds know this kind of thing isn’t ok. That’s why the teacher makes you bring the same valentine for everyone in the class.

  4. Wendy*

    I bought the ebook about a month ago. It is a great reference. I constantly go back and gather wisdom. Today as I went in for an interview I reminded myself “I am qualified for this position.” Thank you for this work!

    Now how do I give it as a gift, my friends position is ending and would like to extend this to her.

  5. Vicki*

    Thank you SO much. I certainly didn’t plan to get laid off on Nov 30, but I was and now I really need advice like yours. (I’ve been reading for a while but more for interest than for need.) This is the Best Holiday Gift I could get this year.

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