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  1. Pam G*

    Hilariously enough, it’s summer here in Australia so I’m sitting here in a singlet, shorts and thongs (I think you call them flip-flops?) and enjoying the cool aircon! But the icon is super-cute!

    (Also, you’re on Facebook? *goes and joins your page* )

      1. Rebecca*

        So I had to read the cape controversy, and I just have to say – wow. But you shouldn’t let that stop you, Alison. You deserve a cape AND a tiara!

        Great job, Cassie!

        1. Joy*

          I couldn’t resist reading the cape controversy either…

          Alison, I would say you are a superhero for those needing career advice, but after reading Jamie’s definition…well…you are still extraordinary in my book!

  2. Dan*

    Doesn’t seem like a “manly” thing to say, but the first word that came to mind was “cute”. I love it :-)

  3. Erica B*

    I concur.. noticed it right off, but just spotted this post about it. I like it… she is missing a cast and the knee scooter tho! and cats.

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