update from the reader whose friend was getting married on her company’s biggest weekend

Here’s our next “where are they now” update. This one is from the reader whose friend was getting married on the weekend her new company had an all-hands-on-deck event. Here’s her update:

Thanks to everyone for your encouragement. I talked to my friend and explained my situation to her — telling her how much I want to be at her wedding but also explaining that I don’t want to make a negative impression in my first year at this new dream job. Luckily (but also obviously), she totally understands as she is such a good friend to me. Was she disappointed? Of course, but I suggested that I hope to make it up to her by flying out to California a month or so after the wedding to spend the weekend with her and the new husband and I think that is *almost* as good as I will treat the happy couple to wine-tasting or a foodie-type dinner and actually get to spend a lot of time with them!

I am attending her wedding shower next week and am re-arranging things at work to attend and help plan her bachelorette party! Although the wedding is not till April, I feel confident in my decision to support both my work colleagues and celebrate one of my best friend’s wedding!

Also apparently my friend’s fiance was in a similar situation where he chose the wedding over work and has not stopped hearing the end of it. After a couple of years in this job, I feel I would have a little more flexibility, but I am trying to build a career and some of those first-year impressions can really stick.

I still love my job and absolutely adore attending weddings. I am SO grateful that my friend was so understanding, and I feel that I am adequately making this up to her. Thanks to everyone for your help, encouragement, and support!

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  1. Claire*

    I love that she is making it up to her friend by flying out there to spend time with her and her new husband. That alone is such an amazing gesture! I love friendship stories like this!

  2. Tech Chic(k)*

    That sounds like a great solution. It’ll be meaningful and memorable, which is really the point. Plus she’ll have fun reliving the wedding by showing you all the pictures!

  3. Jennifer*

    I also think you made the right decision. And it’s nice you’ll be able to spend quality time with your friend and her husband after the wedding.

  4. Anonymous*

    I’d hope that the groom would choose the wedding, since otherwise there wouldn’t BE a wedding…

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