website back up…

Apologies for the downtime on the site today. My web host had some kind of server explosion, which has resulted in the site being down for a good portion of the day. I think it’s back up now, hopefully for good (although I also wouldn’t be surprised to see intermittent delays for the rest of the day today) …

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  1. Kim Stiens*

    Are you hosted by GoDaddy? They went down for like 3 hours today. There may have been anonymous activity… Wal-Mart’s site is still down!

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      Dreamhost, actually. But possibly not for long … and not because of the outage itself, but because of how they kept saying it was fixed when it wasn’t, which really irks me.

  2. ChristineH*

    I noticed it was super-slow even last night. Everything seems to be fine now *knock on wood*.

  3. Ask a Manager* Post author

    I may actually change from what I’m currently doing — a shared server — to my own dedicated server. You all have made my traffic go up so much that I might have outgrown a shared server! Which is awesome, although more expensive.

  4. Joe*

    I was looking forward to catching up on AAM over lunch today, and I was distraught when it wouldn’t load! Glad to see you’re back up now!

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