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    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

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  1. Susan*

    OMG how have I not known this 2nd blog existed all this time?!? CURSES! Yet fun reading to look forward to!

  2. Anonymous*

    I just saw this post, with its mentioning of a previous contentious post. *Scrolls down* 311+ comments?! WTF, I need to check that out! That might go for the record for the year, if not for the entire run of your blog thus far.

    1. Jamie*

      How crazy is this? Lot of activity for a Saturday morning as well, although I hope the rest of you are typing from the comfort of your own homes in jammies with coffee and not sitting at your desks like me trying to stop procrastinating audit prep.

      1. Anonymous*

        Jammies, yes. Coffee, no (yuck!). But yeah, I have work to do. My job has me doing more work out of the office than in the office. But I knew that going in so it doesn’t bother me.

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