still not walking…

Just in case you’re wondering, I’m still not walking, at least not without crutches. And yes, it’s been three months since the terrible tragedy that broke my foot. I am ready for it to be over (as, I imagine, is everyone around me).

I’ve been entertaining myself by documenting the saga of my foot (well, sort of; it’s very concise and infrequently updated) at a separate blog that I haven’t linked to here because it has a profane title. But if you’re not offended by such vice, it’s here.

To unbroken bones!

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    1. Kate*

      +1. Take hope. A friend of mine was the best part of 12 months on crutches/walking boot/wheelchair with a lisfranc (even got married wearing the boot!). But she’s back competing in triathlon with the best of ’em. You’ll be up and about, better than ever.

  1. Ellen M.*

    You have my sympathies – I broke a bone in my foot once. No cast, and not nearly as bad as your injury, but still no fun. I never did get the hang of the crutches and ended up just limping around.

    The blog is funny though~

    Hang in there!

  2. ChristineH*

    I can only imagine how antsy you must be to be done with this.

    That blog is clever and entertaining!

  3. fposte*

    You’ve been so productive that I was afraid things weren’t going well. I’m sorry to hear that’s the case.

  4. Anonymous*

    Can’t wait for the foot star’s “coming out” party. Will there be a red carpet? What will it wear?

  5. Elizabeth*

    I hope your foot gets better soon. The same thing happened to my mom — she was 10 weeks in a cast. I have decided I am never, ever, coming down on my foot at an angle like that.

  6. L*

    I am a fan of the profane title, and of the petty tyrant personality of your foot. It sounds a lot like the running commentary my boyfriend and I give on behalf of our cat, who is surly, spoiled, and perpetually dissatisfied.

  7. Cheryl*

    I had two simultaneous Jones fractures which is how I knew about the contraption on wheels you got earlier. I broke both on April 10 and didnt go back to work full time until June 22 and even then, I was still in the walking boots. It was literally a good 8 months from start to finish before my feet stopped hurting and then another few months before I could do everything I had before the injury.

  8. Hazel Edmunds*

    Oh dear. Some of the comments already made do not indicate hopeful outcome for the F****** FOOT. I’d love to suggest chopping it off at the knee but that’s probably a bit extreme – particularly as it seems as though you may be getting towards the end of long road to full mobility.

  9. Joanna Reichert*

    Ha! Reminds me of a waitressing blog called “F*ck My Table” – it’s as littered with expression as I imagine you’d like to be here sometimes. : )

    That being said, we should start a fund to buy you a super-duper pedicure so that once your foot is done being cranky, you can show it off in all its splendor.

  10. Joanna Reichert*

    Might I make a suggestion? Don’t know if you’re a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles . . . . but you should consider getting a ‘Shredder’ sock or puppet for your foot, because his cronies are called the Foot Clan and are always out doing despicable things . . . . .

  11. Ry*

    Oh good god that is funny… but despite the hilarity lemonade, I hope the lemon-foot recovers very soon.

  12. Jamie*

    I am so sorry your foot isn’t cooperating – but that blog?? Is full of awesome!!

    Seriously, how can you be both poetic and hysterical simultaneously? You’re some kind of weird foot writing genius.

  13. Ask a Manager* Post author

    Sort of exciting foot news: I saw my orthopedist today and got new
    x-rays. The good news is … the bone that was broken is now completely healed! I no longer have a broken foot.

    I’m allowed to wear a normal shoe again, and I start physical therapy this week. I still can’t walk without crutches because of lack of balance, flexibility, and muscle, but the physical therapy should hopefully fix that soon.

    (Note that my foot is still too swollen to fit in a normal
    shoe. I had to order some huge shoes online.)

    1. Rebecca*

      So glad to hear your foot is officially healed! But its blog is freakin’ hilarious. That Poe line about killed me! :)

  14. Anonymous*

    Oh dear, my feet are big enough to begin with that I would have to give up and wear men’s shoes. Please continue to update us with your wonderful foot blog. You are such a gifted writer that if you ever wanted to leave business blogging (HEAVEN FORBID) you could make a mint on humorous, imaginative fiction, or even children’s books. May your foot be as bored with its vacation as your are with giving it one soonest.

  15. Suzanne Lucas--Evil HR Lady*

    I just read this article about a new speedy bone healer that is being tested on animals.

    “Researchers at the University of Georgia Regenerative Bioscience Center have come up with a new solution for healing broken bones that cuts recovery time to days. It relies on the use of stem cells that contain a bone generating protein. These cells are injected in gel form directly into the area of the broken bone, where they quickly get to work forming new bone. The end result is very rapid recovery, possibly sidestepping the muscle atrophy that can come with long bone healing times. ”

    Naturally, I thought of you. Too bad it’s not available yet! Glad to hear the bone is healed, though.

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