winners of the networking stories contest

Thanks to everyone who shared their networking stories in the earlier post calling for them.

It wasn’t easy, but we have our winners:

Bob G, who had an entire tray of drinks spilled on his head just as he was about to make a much-desired quiet escape from a networking event

The Other Dawn, who upon learning her district manager was thinking of going back to school, asked, “High school or college?”

Rana, who overcame her anxiety and kicked ass at talking to people at a convention fair and got several jobs out of it

J14, who ran across a basketball court to talk to someone who had recently rejected her for a job — and as a result, ended up being offered the position just weeks later when the first candidate didn’t work out

Winners, I’ll be emailing you directly about the free Premium LinkedIn memberships you’ve won.

Thanks to everyone who shared their stories! I loved reading them.

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  1. david*

    I guess that we never know what will happen when we actually take the risk of putting ourselves out there.

    I like the story of J14 as well. That is an amazing story that worked out. Usually, most people would quit / avoid after a rejection. Good that this worked.

  2. Rana*

    Truly, there were a lot of wonderful stories in that thread, even if they were about not-so-wonderful moments. I think it’s one of my favorite threads so far.

  3. Ariancita*

    Congrats to all the winners!

    Also, want to add a story I didn’t submit because it’s not mine, but you all may find enjoyable. My boss from years ago at a small ad agency really liked to schmooze. He had a collection of business cards from people he’d met through professional networking and he would go to a bar and pick one of the cards randomly and pretend to be that person. One time he met a guy at the bar who was being audited, so my boss decided to pretend to be an accountant. He listened to this guy’s tax woes and gave him a bunch of money and tax advice throughout the evening. The next day, he and my other boss went to a meeting to pitch a potential client for our firm. The head of the team for the meeting walks in and is the guy my boss had been advising on taxes and audits the evening before! Needless to say, they did not sign with us.

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