Ask a Manager radio interview

On Sunday night, I did a 40-minute interview with WGN Radio (the number one station in Chicago and a good portion of the midwest!). Host Bill Leff and I talked about everything from people who send in photos with their job applications, to why employers are ruder today, to whether or not you should use glitter on your resume, and much more.

You can listen to it here.

This was midnight, so I sound slightly sleepy.

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  1. Sabrina*

    1. Awesome!!!! 2. I love Bill Leff, I’m glad to see he’s working. 3. It looks like the cut it off around the 25 minute mark. :(

  2. Tami M*

    Loved the show. I can’t think of anybody who wouldn’t benefit from listening. My only disappointment is that the recording ended before the actual show, so I didn’t get to hear it in it’s entirety. :( With that said, there is a link to download the show, so perhaps it goes longer. Either way, I really enjoyed it. Great job, Alison!!! :D PS: Alison, you sounded just fine!

  3. A. Nonymous*

    In response to your comments about LinkedIn and the fact that you don’t know anyone who has gotten a job that way:

    A good friend of mine–I’ll call her Stacy– graduated in May 2012. A week or two before graduation, Stacy got a call from a friend. The friend had been contacted via LinkedIn by a Fortune 500 company looking for someone to work with their Canadian market. The company noticed that the friend spoke fluent French and wanted her to work for them. Unfortunately, the friend is still in school for another year and couldn’t accept the position. However, she knew that Stacy was fluent as well, so she passed Stacy’s name and contact info to the company. Over the next week, Stacy had 2 phone interviews (one in French and one in English) and an in-person interview. She has since been offered the job and is very happy.

    Just saying that it can happen :)

    1. Jamie*

      I bet this happens more often than people think. I work for an SMB, so we don’t have copious hiring needs – but whenever I’m asked if I know anyone looking for X position I hit LinkedIn first.

      I reach out to contacts to see if they know anyone – I would imagine it happens on an even larger scale with people who have greater staffing needs.

    2. Ask a Manager* Post author

      Ha, it’s funny that you mentioned that — that was the one spot in the show where as soon as my answer was out of my mouth, I thought, “Why did I say that? That’s not correct.” Of course, in radio, unlike in writing, it’s hard to gracefully go back and correct yourself.

  4. Atypically Anonymous*

    Weird confession – hundreds of years ago, when I was in college, I applied for a job at a certain Chicago radio station because I wanted to meet Garry Meier – who is also on WGN now. I really wanted to meet Garry Meier.

    So Alison does an interview with a guy who is now a co-worker of a guy I sent a resume to back in the 80’s for a job I couldn’t possibly accept even if hired. If only AAM could exist in a weird time portal and I could go back and send in a fabulous cover letter with that crappy resume…oh how different my life may have been!

    If people would just go home for the day and stop bouncing in and out of my office so I could listen in peace I would be very happy right now.

  5. Lisa*

    I love WGN and I loved that show. Alison you were fabulous! That was an excellent show and I thank you. As a result, I’m an avid follower of yours now. The advice you provided during the show and the advice you provide here is excellent. I was recently laid off and am in the market for a job. You are an excellent resource for me now (as a result of that radio broadcast) and I thank you! Your advice is excellent…again, thank you! I thank WGN for introducing you to me!

  6. Anonymous*

    Alison, I just listened to your radio interview and you did such a wonderful job. You have such a sweet and soft voice. I had read this article you had written already. I wish I knew just half of what you do. One word I think of to describe you from listening to this is someone with integrity. You don’t promote things that are gimmicks or that honestly will not help. I have so much respect for you.

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