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  1. Josh S*

    I’ll see your ape and raise you some pygmy goats. (If the image doesn’t show, it’s probably because of the lousy commenting system that Alison uses. :p)


    (Trump Card!)

    1. Jamie*

      You’re a better mom than me. I just took my kids down to put up the monkey, pic # 2 on the pygmy goat link, and the giraffe and duck. Multiple monitors = more room for the cute.

  2. karenb*

    Well, I do have the home laptop I could put the kids on… You’ve convinced me!! Monkey’s up!! LOL

  3. jj*

    Not a photo, but worthy of a chuckle on an overcast Friday afternoon (here on the East Coast, at least)….

    Turtles Escape Captivity, Make A Beeline For Nearby Ponds
    “More than 1,000 turtles made a slow-speed escape from their turtle farm in northwest Georgia.

    “Turtle farmer David Driver tells sheriff’s officials he suspects vandals might be to blame for tearing down fences around his turtle ponds in Summerville.

    “Authorities say that allowed the turtles – including snappers, Eastern paints and yellow-bellied sliders – to leave the farm and make a beeline to nearby ponds and creeks.

    “Sheriff’s officials are continuing to search for the turtles.”

    Note that I didn’t find this one on my own… my boss sent it to me yesterday because she just “couldn’t resist.” I in turn couldn’t stop laughing for quite some time.

    And if you must have a photo (’cause why not?), try this one: http://cheezburger.com/6287067136

  4. VintageLydia*

    The internet is making me mad. I needed all the cute posted in these comments, today. Thanks :D

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