a couple of things…

Two miscellaneous things:

1. I think the technical problems with the comments should now be fixed. If you continue to get a “you are commenting too fast” message, please let me know.

2. Forbes is putting together its list of the best career websites. If you think Ask a Manager belongs on the list, it would be awesome if you told them that, by emailing them, Tweeting them, or commenting on their post. Thank you!  (I myself nominated Evil HR Lady.)

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  1. AnotherJamie*

    Is it terrible that part of me doesn’t want this blog to get super famous? I like to think of the advice here as my secret weapon, should I need to search for a job.

    Yes, it’s terrible. I nominated you. :)

  2. Sophie*

    Nominated, along with Evil HR Lady. 2 of my favorite blogs. :)

    Btw thanks for posting more frequently! I saw the open thread the other day asking whether or not to do more frequent posts, I didn’t read the conversation but I assume that is responsible for the postings.

  3. Anonymous*

    The comment system appears to have been eating a number of entries from me. They just disappear after hitting the ‘Submit’ button.

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      I explained this somewhere a few days ago, but you might not have seen it. There are two reasons a comment wouldn’t post at all:

      1. If you include links, email addresses, or spammy-sounding words, it will be sent to moderation, at which point the system alerts me and I’ll manually release it (unless it’s actually spam).

      2. There are a very small number of people who are set to have all their comments go through moderation because they’ve been personally hostile to people here in the past. Anonymous, this is actually the case with you; all your comments are moderated because of past rudeness to other commenters, which I don’t allow here. Frankly, I have a pretty high bar for releasing comments from moderation once it gets to that point.

      1. ChristineH*

        I was wondering how the moderation thing worked and how my one post that was flagged was released so quickly (thanks, by the way).

        Also, just out of curiosity – how do you distinguish from all of the “Anonymous” posts?

  4. Your Mileage May Vary*

    nth-ing your nomination!

    I wonder if you would think about doing a sticky article for new readers (especially since you’ll get a bunch after you win the Best of the Internets ™ award!). It could contain things like your policy on moderation, how nice and easy it is to give yourself a screen name so that other readers can differentiate from the other Anonymous posters, and your most popular definitions that always pop up – hiring manager vs. HR, hostile workplace vs. just crappy workplace, etc.

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      Ooooh, this is a great idea. I’ve thought about doing a FAQ before for some of the most commonly asked questions I get, but thinking about it always exhausts me. But this I could definitely do.

      1. Your Mileage May Vary*

        Also, it would be lovely for another sticky article that talks about how to format your comments. For instance, I know you can italicize but I never can remember if it’s square brackets or the wiggly ones (forgive me, grammar people, I don’t know what those are called) or the . And since we can’t edit our posts, I’m hesitant to try the ones I think they are in case I’ve got it wrong and it takes 3 additional indented posts for me to get it correct. This may be something a guest writer on the site could do for you if you don’t have the time.

        Heck, we could even start an AAM wiki!

          1. Your Mileage May Vary*

            I mean the greater than/less than signs. I mean, can I prove my point any other way….

  5. BioLiz*

    I’ve nominated your website too! I have been a big fan since a year, and your blog is the first one I read in the morning. Thanks for being so awesome!

  6. Katie*

    I just added my vote too. I love your blog! And I love the new frequency of posting, I get so excited when I see unread posts.

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