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  1. Your Mileage May Vary*

    The goat doesn’t go in the fire, does it?

    Seriously, looks like you’re having a wonderful time.

  2. Josh S*

    I kinda figured you were out enjoying some fall vacation time. You deserve it after 24/7 blogging for the past I-don’t-know-how-long.

    Have some mango sticky rice while you’re away.

    Also, thank you for all the wonderful advice you give.

  3. MeganO*

    Ahhh, nice! That sounds lovely! I hope this means you’re on a well-deserved vacation! Enjoy the lovely fire :)

  4. jennie*

    My lifelong dream is to have a tiny farm with goats and maybe make cheese for a living.

    This is a pretty good out of office message.

    1. Jamie*

      That’s it – I’m making my husband read this blog tonight.

      I’ve talked about this for years – a little farm with goats and he would be the cheesemaker and I would take care of the goats and run the network (yes, even in my never-gonna-happen fantasy of a small goat farm I’m running a network).

      Every single time we see a goat on TV I bring this up and he reminds me that I’m insane and that he has no intention of making or selling cheese.

      I’m going to make him read this so he knows that someone else out there thinks like me…although, he will probably just think I impersonated Jennie to bolster my case – but I so didn’t.

      1. Ellie H.*

        We are friends with a goat farmer (in Western MA). We met her by buying goat cheese from her at the farmers’ market my mom and I have been going to for years and years that she sells at – now we’re friends and send Christmas cards and stuff. I have some pictures of me with the goats on the farm one of the times we went out to visit. This isn’t such a crazy fantasy! Goats are smart and interesting. Depending on where you live, maybe at least you can find a goat farm to visit.

        1. AnotherAdmin*

          A few years ago, when my Dad retired, he moved back to the farm he grew up on, which is about two hours south of where I live. He raises goats just because they are fun to have around. We actually had a couple when we lived in the burbs when I was a kid too. I would love to have a couple but I’m pretty sure my neighbors would freak out.

          My 4YO daughter is OBSESSED with Grandpa’s goats and regularly asks to go the farm to see “Grandpa, and the goats, and the cows”. I have about a zillion pictures of her snuggling baby goats, and attempting to snuggle full grown goats.

        2. Andrea*

          I love goats. They’re smart and adorable and funny. I had this goat farm fantasy, too, until I read “Goat Song” by Brad Kessler. The detailed descriptions of goat mating and sexual behavior was enough to kill that fantasy of mine forever. I decided to stick to gardening (culinary herbs and veggies).

  5. Jamie*

    In honor of Alison we should play a little game. Everyone works one goat themed analogy into their work conversations today – as a secret tribute.

    I have a major project meeting at 11:00 am – I can totally do this. I really wish one of you worked here, it would make it much funnier if I wasn’t just trying to amuse myself.

  6. Mishsmom*

    here you are on a vacation and you’re still thinking of us… you rock! enjoy your “time off” :)!!

  7. PuppyKat*

    “Cottage. Farm. Crackling fire. Goats.”

    All I would need after that are: Hot chocolate slathered in whipped cream, my dogs, and zero cell phone reception.

  8. Confessions of a Goat Fan...*

    There was this website I stumbled upon a long time ago – Goats Online.

    “GoatsOnline. com is proud to be the first manufacturer and distributor of high quality Clothing, Footware and Fashion Accessories for Goats.”

    It was years ago and I sent the link to a work friend – because, come on, selling gym shoes and purple track pants for goats was hysterical. And…call me gullible…I was trying to figure out if it was real. (It’s not).

    Well, I meant to send it to a work friend – and I did. As well as everyone else at the company since I accidentally hit all users.

    Yes, the bitchy one from the IT department who has to be told to smile and never says hello sent a link to a catalog for goat clothing to the entire company.

    I don’t recommend this as a way to make friends – but it did break the ice.

  9. khilde*

    I just started watching Downton Abbey because I first heard about it being raved about here….and this photo makes me feel like this is in some idyllic cottage in Englad….which makes me think more about Downton Abbey and how it’s unfair that I’m at work and not at home watching it. But mostly this photo makes me feel very cozy and British (What’s that term for people that love all things British? I’m one of them.).

    1. SecinUK*

      Apropos of nothing … I live about 30 minutes from where they film Downtown Abbey … Highclere Castle – it is breathtaking in the flesh.

  10. Jen M.*

    GOATS! That’s ALL you had to say! Seriously.

    It’s all good. I save the digests of your wonderful blog to “read later,” anyhow, so I’m usually behind.


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