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  1. ChristineH*

    Careful Alison – you just might have several hundred readers knocking at your door by night’s end! That looks really nice. Enjoy! :)

    1. Jamie*

      I hope not, I’m jealous enough.

      Although I did spend most of my weekend at my desk…which is just as inviting.

      In all seriousness this makes me want to resolve that I will go away somewhere for the weekend in 2013.

  2. Brooke*

    I live in West Virginia and it truly is beautiful. Sorry you have to be here for the upcoming nasty weather. It has actually been pretty nice so far this winter!

    By the way, I’m so glad to hear that you recognize West Virginia as a state and not just “western Virginia” :) Hope your stay is wonderful!

  3. Josh S*

    “…this incredibly cozy log chalet with wifiin the woods in West Virginia…”

    Looks very idyllic. Enjoy your time. Tell the foot to take a load off. And enjoy some holiday cookies, maybe order in some mango sticky rice or something. :)

    And you know what– THANK YOU for all that you do in hosting this blog and bringing managerial sense into the world, day in and day out.

    1. Jamie*

      Can I just tell you how much I love this screen name?

      It’s like the most awesome superhero ever – ANONYMOUS ACCOUNTANT! Fighting crime (specializing in fraud) and unbalanced journal entries keeping reconciling accounts safe for everyone.

      Magic adding machine, your kryponite being expenses with miss-assigned GL accounts.

      Just me? Well, I love it.

            1. Josh S*

              Hey, just because I was bored to death during the basic course doesn’t mean I can’t rip through a 10-k analysis in less time than it takes me to shower in the morning.

  4. Katie the Fed*

    Am I the only one hoping that you’ve ensconced yourself in a remote cabin so you can finish writing another book?

  5. Blinx*

    I wouldn’t leave it either! Enjoy your stay. I like that red and green arrangement in the bucket. What are they?

    The whole scenario reminded me of something, and then it hit me – the old animated opening to Hoyle Board Games when they were still made by Sierra. You entered a vacation cabin that had a crackling fireplace (in winter months only). You walked over the bookcase that was piled with board games and made your selection. Just like in your picture! Sadly, the newest version skips the cabin and has a lame interface, but the games are still good.

  6. Not So NewReader*

    This is what we do it all for… these moments. If only it could be a few months out of the year…. sigh….
    Enjoy, Alison!

  7. Job seeker*

    This is so beautiful. It reminds me of a cabin my husband and I rented to stay in the Great Smoky Mountains. It had a loft too. I always wanted to visit the Biltmore Estate at Christmas. I heard that is beautiful also. Take some time for some hot chocolate and old holiday movies and maybe a snuggly quilt to wrap up in by that wonderful fireplace. Holiday music playing and maybe a good book too with hot apple cider or hot tea.

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