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      1. Liz in the City*

        As a fellow October bride (10/30/10), enjoy your fall wedding! We had a lovely day with sun, yet still cool(er) temperatures, plus many pictures with a backdrop of changing leaves. So excited for you!

  1. fposte*

    Aww. Happy Valentine’s, AAM. And to everyone else, regardless of what you may or may not have found at Superdawg.

  2. Josh S*

    That’s a really classy ring. Two tone gold, channel-set accent stones, and that criss-cross design — just … unique and classy.

    If I’d have to venture a guess I’d say it’s a vintage/inherited piece? I don’t recall seeing anything like it when I was looking to buy my wife’s engagement ring…some 6 years ago. (And I was looking for something not dissimilar to it.)

    Good job fiancé!

  3. Katniss*


    Don’t know if this is poor manners but do you know the designer for your ring? My BF and I are ring shopping and I love the style!

  4. Not So NewReader*

    I love the two tone rings. A classy choice, I think. A treasure for a life time…. Kind of like the man that comes with the ring, eh?!
    Am so very happy for you both.

  5. AB*

    1. As non-native female American living in the U.S., who never understood the appeal of engagement rings, I must say, this one is simply gorgeous.

    2. The fact that it’s sitting on top of a Jane Austen’s novels makes it even prettier!

    Very happy for AAM and the lucky fiancee!

  6. Aswin Kini MK*

    Congrats Alison! :) Hope you had a great Valentines day :)
    Wishing you and your fiancee all the very best!

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      Rose gold! I tried on some yellow gold rings just to see if I might end up liking them (because it’s hard to get the right metal with a redhead’s skin tone) and I just kept flashing in my head to my parents’ rings! Rose gold worked better.

  7. Ellie H.*

    I LOVE Emma – I think it may be the funniest book I have ever read. And of course, your ring is beautiful!

  8. businesslady*

    oh, that ring is just lovely! I’d actually been thinking about requesting a picture, so I’m glad you beat me to it. :)

  9. Angry Writer*

    Funny how I always eyerolled at engagement rings … until I got mine last year! Now I love, love, love sharing in the joy. Gorgeous ring, it’s stunning! Congrats!

  10. Megan*

    Oh, congratulations! Alison, it’s lovely, and how wonderful for you! squeeeee :) Sending well-wishes for lots of future happiness your way.

  11. Valery*

    WHAT? Congrats! Love the ring and love, love, love Jane Austen. I consider myself a pretty dedicated follower but did I miss the announcement? And the story? Because the story is crucial!

    1. Joanna*

      Yup, same here! Must have missed the original story. Regardless, all my best Alison – marriage is AWESOME if you do it right (right man, right goals and priorities). Since I’m the photography nerd, I’ll chime in – do NOT skimp on your wedding photos, because everything else fades away but beautiful, archival photos will not.

      And your ring is so lovely. Happy-jealous for you. :)

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