want me to review your resume?

I get a lot of requests to give people feedback on their resumes, but because it’s time-consuming to do it well, I usually turn them down unless they’re friends or family. But for a short time, I’m re-opening the resume review offer that I’ve run a couple of times before.

When I’ve offered this in the past, the response has been so overwhelming that I’ve had to close the offer after just a few days, so reserve this now if you’re interested!

The cost: $99

What you’ll get: As you can probably tell by the price, I’m not going to entirely rewrite your resume for you. People who do that charge a lot more. What you’ll get for 99 bucks: I’ll read your resume, I’ll give you suggestions for improving it, I’ll tell you where I think it’s weak and where I think it’s strong. I’ll tell you if your design sucks. I’ll tell you if you’re coming across as generic and/or unimpressive and how to fix it if you are. I’ll tell you what you need to change to have a resume that will make a hiring manager excited to interview you.

To be clear, this isn’t multiple rounds of revisions, or a rewrite service, or anything like that. It’s really just a bunch of notes on what I’d like to see you doing differently — what a hiring manager might think when looking at your resume.

Limited time: I don’t want to be a full-time resume reviewer, so this offer is only good for this week, not something I’ll be offering regularly. So if you want it, lock it in now.


(And because I know not everyone can afford this, I’m also offering a discount on my ebook, How to Get a Job: Secrets of a Hiring Manager, where you’ll find lots of resume advice — just not customized to your particular resume. You can get a 20% discount this week by using this code: august2013 )

Update: Due to the level of demand today, please be aware that for any reviews purchased after 7 p.m. on August 13,  you might not receive your feedback until late August. (Although if you need it faster, email me and I’ll see what I can do.)

Update 2: This offer is now closed!

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  1. Kerry*



    I got a sweet new job with a 35% pay raise + awesome benefits + job growth + great new coworkers after Alison looked over my resume. It. Could. Be. You!

  2. Anonymous Accountant*

    And I can attest to how valuable this resume review service is. The number of interviews I’ve been contacted for after Alison reviewed and suggested changes to my resume has multiplied.

    I highly recommend AAM’s review services.

  3. AJ*

    I did this in April. Alison gave some of the most useful resume advice I’ve ever received. Result: I’m right now evaluating multiple (!!) offers.

    Recommended highly, and with no reservations at all.

  4. Cody C*

    Man I was really hoping you would offer this service for cover letters. I struggle to keep mine from sounding like a third grader wrote it.

      1. Z*

        Yes, I feel reasonably confident about my resume, but I always hate my own cover letters. I’d love to get Alison’s feedback! (But perhaps reviewing a cover letter takes more time than reviewing a resume?)

  5. Cara Carroll*

    Glad to see you don’t just write them for people but let *them decide* based on your feedback what they would/wouldn’t like to change. I do this same thing for people in my local area for free, because I serve mostly students. I will re-write resumes for people I am close with who need it in a jiff but I still provide the feedback so they are aware of what changes I made and why I made them. Wish I could afford your services, as even HR Professionals need to get their resumes critiqued. But out of curiosity how much is the book?

  6. Eric*

    Just a question, because it’s not clear, unless I missed something: how do we get the resume to you once we’ve made the purchase?

  7. PinkandBlue*

    I would sooo love to do this, but bank account in the negative. I am just praying the advice you posted on your site works changed my resume and cover letter since reviewing your site. I am apply to jobs now, please pray for me

  8. Anon*

    I purchased this service because I know I’ll be needing it the next couple of months. Is it possible to take my time sending over my resume though? I’d like to take some time to look over it and update it myself. :)

  9. Brandy*

    This is an awesome deal! Given that I’m still a poor, just finished nursing school person, I won’t be able to take advantage of it but I’m sure it will be beneficial to those that do.

  10. Confused*

    I’ve been reading this blog for YEARS and have never been able to get the timing on this offer/my finances right. Someday soon! :)

  11. Anon for this*

    Two questions:
    – I assume senior/executive level resumes are OK?
    – Would the fee include you responding to specific questions that the resume submitter asks? For instance, “do you recommend I remove job xyz from the resume?” or “I left abc on my resume because of lmnop reason; does that seem smart?”

      1. Anon for this*

        Thanks! I’m going to do this, but I’ll wait until I get to my computer at home to place the order.

      2. Jennifer M.*

        Oops, I already purchased this earlier and sent you my resume, but didn’t ask any questions! Will I still be able to ask them later or should I just send you a new email now?

  12. Maire*

    Allison, I have bought the resume review. However, I think that some of your advice is applicable only to the US. For example, resumes only being one page, not listing qualifications gained in high school. Just wondering if you are able to take the differences between the UK and US into account when reviewing the resumes? Although I realise this is probably a big ask!

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      My expertise is in U.S. hiring conventions and I can’t hold myself out as knowledgeable about anywhere else — although I’d say that making your experience and skills compelling to a hiring manager is something that translates pretty easily!

  13. Hillbug*

    Do you offer a birthday special? ;)
    Also, would you review a LinkedIn profile instead of a resume?

  14. Sigrid*


    I purchased your service, but all I got so far is a receipt from PayPal, no email with instructions.


      1. Sigrid*

        hehe I’m an eager beaver, thought perhaps there was something wrong with my paypal account :)

  15. Intrigued*

    Have you reviewed many academic CVs in previous rounds of your resume review service (mine is 4-5 pages and is for faculty/staff positions in academic support, if that makes a difference)?

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