September 2013

8 interview tips you’ve (probably) never heard before

When you’re looking for a job, sometimes it seems that everyone wants to tell you the same basic things – write a great cover letter, tailor your resume to the job, reach out to your network, all repeated over and over. Instead of the same old advice, here are eight pieces of job search advice […]

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a manager on another team criticized my work

A reader writes: I work for a manufacturing company in a technical position. I met with the tech team recently to go over some issues that we were having with product launches. Along with my manager, I wrote up a proposal that would include manufacturing requirements earlier in the design process. I was told to […]

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10 ways you’re making your employees less productive

Most managers think a lot about whether your employees are being as productive as you need. But many don’t think about whether they might be standing in the way of people’s productivity themselves. Over at the Fast Track blog by Intuit QuickBase today, I talk about 10 ways managers often derail their employees’ productivity — […]

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