update: after I resigned, my boss asked me to drive 1,000 miles at my own expense

Remember the reader who resigned only to have her boss insist that she drive 1,000 miles — at her own expense — to return company files and other property, even though there was a local office much closer to her? Here’s the update.

After shipping some things (with a detailed inventory list) and dropping the rest off at the local coworker’s office, I did have a trying time going back and forth to get my pay.

I received an email from my former boss acknowledging that she knew she was breaking the state law by holding my pay for too long. Apparently her “lawyer” was in a different state and going by the wrong state laws. Whatever you say! In that same email, I was told she was going to sue me for not driving the equipment to her office, and if I didn’t figure out a way to get it there upon my return home, I would be face with a lot of court fees. I’m assuming it was her last ditch effort to add stress or try and scare me into action. However, I had gone through so much at that point that I just laughed. If she had taken me to court, I would have been well prepared with the barrage of emails, including the email where she specifically requested that I drop the equipment off to the other local office.

I finally had someone from one of the state agencies help me out with the situation in order to get my pay. I was shorted 2 days worth of pay, but at that point it wasn’t worth the fight. I was exhausted and more than ready to put it past me!

Four months have since passed. Needless to say, I have not been sued for any equipment. That would have been ludicrous. I have two amazing jobs that support me in obtaining my advanced degree. It’s true – I never think twice about the ridiculous situation I faced with this company. I feel bad for whoever works for her though!!

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  1. Julie*

    Do people not realize that word will get around about their outrageous behavior? It makes me angry that they basically stole money from you (the 2 days they didn’t pay you for), but I can understand wanting to be done with them and not pursuing it. I’m really glad you finally got things straightened out and are now doing something you’re happy with!

    1. Mike C.*

      Word only gets around if people are willing to name names and make posts on places like Glassdoor.com. People too often refuse to say the name of the workplace, so I imagine very little changes.

  2. Ruffingit*

    It’s a shame that she pulled out the “I’ll sue you” thing. Sadly, that does scare some people into submission and compliance, but really there are very few things an employer could successfully sue an employee for. So glad you got out of that hostile environment. I definitely feel sorry for anyone who works for her. I have to wonder about the other people who worked there with you. They’re all probably trying to find new jobs too. Glad you got out!

  3. EngineerGirl*

    She’s in the Detroit area if I remember. Things are do bad there that she probably get someone desperate enough to put up with her craziness.

  4. Ann Furthermore*

    Very glad to hear that you emerged from that ordeal relatively relatively unscathed. It completely blows that you were shorted 2 days of pay, but you did the right thing by letting it go…at some point, you just have to walk away and preserve your sanity.

  5. Wren*

    I totally understand about being so fed up you don’t want to fight over two days pay. I once moved out like a thief in the night with six weeks rent already paid because I’d just had it with my weirdo lying landlords.

    Congratulations on your new and better situation.

    1. Ruffingit*

      Because the boss is insane and refuses to accept that. So glad the OP was able to remove herself from this crazy situation.

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