Leesa: if you want to sleep in luxury

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Leesa MattressI am the queen of bedding. I deeply believe that your bed should be as luxuriously comfortable as possible, and that your bed should suck you into a vortex of comfort and relaxation from which you rarely want to leave. I take beds very, very seriously.

So I was intrigued when I was contacted by Leesa, a totally new type of mattress company.

The two entrepreneurs who founded Leesa had trouble sleeping. They tried out mattresses that claimed to offer all sorts of benefits, but nothing really helped them sleep better. And they hated the experience of trying to test out mattresses in showrooms with salesmen hovering over them. So they talked to a friend who was a long-time mattress industry veteran and asked, “If you could redesign the mattress and reinvent the sleep experience, what would you do?” His response was “I’d simplify it and take out all the “stuff” we’ve been adding for years to justify higher prices.”

Leesa close-upFrom there, they created Leesa — a completely redesigned luxury mattress, which frankly seems pretty awesome. The Leesa mattress is crafted with three separate high quality foam layers, including two inches of contouring memory foam, two inches of dense core support foam, and two inches of cooling Avena foam. Leesa mattresses are designed to be great for all body shapes and all types of sleepers.

Leesa is ordered completely online and ships for free to your doorstep, compressed into a box the size of a mini-fridge. When you open it, it decompresses to its full size in about two minutes. (Watch the video to see how this works; it’s really cool.)

And because Leesa cuts out the middleman by bypassing showrooms, they can sell at a much more affordable price – less than half what you’d pay for a lower quality mattress in a typical mattress store. Plus, the purchase is 100% risk-free – all Leesa mattresses include a 100-night in-home trial with a no-hassle, full refund policy with free arranged pick-up if you don’t like it. (And they donate returned mattresses to homeless shelters, which is nice to know.)

LeesaBut you probably will like it. When Leesa first approached me, I read a bunch of their reviews online – and people love this mattress. Like, really love it. They use words like “I melt into this mattress,” “luxe,” and “perfect.”

Interested? Leesa is offering Ask a Manager readers $75 off your order of any Leesa mattress. Just use the promo code ASKAMANAGER at check-out.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Leesa. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Adams*

    How long will the promo code be active? I’m in the market for a new mattress but need to do some furniture reshuffling with family first!

      1. CollegeAdmin*

        Yay! I’m looking to move in the next few months and will be buying a new mattress then; this could be useful.

  2. Katherine*

    Where’s the part where you tell us what you think about the mattress, AAM? Is it really comfortable for anyone?

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      I haven’t tried it personally (it’s not that kind of post), but the online reviews for it are fantastic. I’d definitely give it a shot if I were in the market for a new mattress.

      1. The Cosmic Avenger*

        I’m hoping at least some regular readers might have some informed opinions about these, because we’re also going to be due for a new mattress soon. And so I’m also curious about how long that promo code will be good for.

        1. Ginjury*

          I haven’t used a Leesa, but I did get a Bed-in-a-Box a few months ago and I love it. It’s a bit cheaper and very comfortable. When I was deciding, I was looking at Casper, Tuft & Needle, and Bed-in-a-box and it seemed to be the best option for me. Leesa didn’t appear as an option so I never compared them, but I really think these companies all offer fairly similar products, so I’d look at which has the best return policy and price for you.

          1. B5SnowDog*

            I have a queen-sized 10″ Tuft & Needle and absolutely love it. It’s super supportive and comfortable; I have issues with joint pain and always wake up refreshed.

        2. A Bug!*

          Given the return policy, combined with the price and the reviews, if it weren’t for the fact that I just bought a new bed in the last year, I would probably be giving it a try. Of course, a generous return policy is only part of the equation, when we’re talking about mattresses – there’s also the issue of having space to keep the old mattress in the meantime and also arranging the shipping back if it’s not a hit.

    2. Rena*

      The reviews on this are a bit hard to decode. The themes I’ve found: It’s perfect, best sleep ever, it’s too soft, it’s too firm, it solves back pain, it creates back pain, it’s very cool, it’s not as good for side sleepers, except when it is, and people sometimes feel like they’re “rolling out of a pit.”

      With the return policy, I’d probably still be willing to give it a try.

      1. Mabel*

        I’m the same way – I can’t ever tell if a mattress will work for me until I already own it and sleep on it. So being able to return it would really help! I need a new mattress, so I may try this out. Plus, it looks like it doesn’t use a box spring, so I can use my beautiful Charles P. Rogers bed frame (that I love) and jack it up with those lifter-thingys and still have room under the bed for out of season clothes.

      2. T3k*

        I just recently read that it depends on how you sleep (side, back, stomach, all) and your weight. That’s why I wish reviews for mattresses got more specific like when one buys clothes online and leaves a review with their measurements to give a better idea if it’d work for you.

  3. Amber Rose*

    Bookmarked for next year. I take my beds seriously too (our king size takes up nearly the whole room but I adore being able to sprawl out on it), and I’m finding that while pocket coils are a hell of a lot better than box springs, you still end up getting poked in the butt eventually. And mattresses aren’t designed to be flipped anymore. :/

    Still, our bed is only 3 years old and we’re paying off a trip to Japan, so this expense will have to wait.

      1. Nashira*

        We haven’t been able to figure out how on earth to flip our mattress without unpacking half the house and using the stairwell. So we just spin it.

        …which reminds me that it’s due.

  4. MegEB*

    Oooh I’ve been looking for a new mattress as well – mine is super old and just not cutting it in terms of back support anymore.

  5. Christina*

    Yeah, I would have liked to know your personal experience with the mattress. I bought a new mattress just over a year ago that was supposed to be great and it’s absolutely killed my back to the point that I’m considering shelling out another grand to get a new one (of course problems only started after the return period was over). Mattress shopping is worse than car shopping in my mind.

  6. Alternative*

    I’m definitely intrigued. Is it flippable? We were able to find one you can flip a couple of years ago, but that is becoming a rare thing. And the mattress won’t last as long if you can’t flip it.

    1. Dana*

      I don’t have one (though I’m very intrigued), but I read the stuff on their website and the mattress is layered, so I don’t think it would be a good idea to flip this one either–they put the stuff on top for a reason.

    2. Alli525*

      I don’t flip my current (non-Leesa, regular ol’ spring) mattress – I rotate it… but I don’t know if it’s true anymore that mattresses need to be flipped to last longer – I think they’re better engineered now. Or at least that’s what I hope. But the Leesa looks awesome and I will probably buy one around holiday bonus season!

  7. Allison*

    Oooh this is relevant to my interests, as I am looking to upgrade from a twin bed to a more “grownup” size, and the small box it ships in is super helpful.

    1. Stef*

      That is exactly what I did this summer with my new Leesa mattress. The box was amazingly convenient. I loved not needing to borrow a truck or pay for delivery of a normal mattress!

  8. BTW*

    I once had a “bed-in-a-box” and it was one of the most comfortable mattresses I ever had. Actually, we still have it and my step-son sleeps on it. Anyone who has slept on it is always saying, “OMG this is so comfy!” It’s a little *too* soft for us now but my Sealy is too hard. (It’s a balancing act haha!) We are planning on upgrading to a king for our new house. Thanks for the post, I will definitely check it out! :)

      1. Shaun Cheah*

        According to support, they don’t ship to Canada *yet*. Same deal with Malaysia. I really want one, though, so maybe a mail-forwarding service may be in order? It’s a few extra hundred dollars, but then I spend a third of my life in bed so if I’m gonna splurge on anything it might as well be this.

      2. A Bug!*

        A Canadian friend of mine recently purchased a Casper mattress which is a similar sort of bed, in a similar price range, and also offers a 100-day trial period, free shipping/pick-up, etc. Judging by reviews, they’re pretty similar mattresses in almost every respect, with Leesa being slightly higher quality.

      3. Mary*

        We are in the market for a mattress for our daughter and they do ship to us, but it would be $100 to return it if we don’t like it. I’m thinking we’ll stick with a Costco mattress.

    1. Lily in NYC*

      I don’t know about Leesa, but the reviews for Casper beds are mostly written by shills. It’s just so transparent (even though they’ve tried to be less obvious about it lately).

    2. Hotstreak*

      Another company to look at is Tuft & Needle. I haven’t purchased from them but know several people who have, and they are all happy. Same business model, same return policy, but significantly lower prices.

  9. alexcansmile*

    I have a Leesa and LOVE IT! We did a ton of research and I am so happy to have it. We bought ours in Feb – so we’ve been using it a little over 6months. It’s really comfortable and it was an easy setup. It’s not super heavy, the way some foam mattresses are. My only complaint is that it made me sleep really warm. We got a cooling mattress topper from Amazon and it solved the heat problem.

    1. Nethwen*

      Does it allow one’s curves to sink in? The memory foam mattress (Simmons) we have is great for my husband who needs firmness, but gives me back and joint pain because it doesn’t give enough for my ample hips/booty. I’m on the market for an 8+ inch soft, non-foam topper to soften my side. Also dislike memory foam because I can’t use a heated mattress pad on it.

      1. alexcansmile*

        I am a pretty “flat” person, so I’m not sure I can answer this question well. My husband who likes soft mattresses loves the Leesa, and I like a firmer mattress, but I find that the Leesa meets my needs as well.

    1. KTB*

      We just bought a queen sized Leesa last week. It arrives tomorrow and I am seriously, seriously excited.

      I will report back as well.

      1. lex*

        My husband just texted me to let me know it has arrived, now I have to go buy a split foundation for it before I can unbox it.

    2. lex*

      We’ve been sleeping on it for about two weeks and it is really amazing. My husband prefers a firmer mattress and I prefer a softer one but the Leesa works for both of us. Jack at MattressNerd.com recommended this mattress and he was totally spot on. His site has other mattress recommendations as well, worth a look if you’re trying to decide on a mattress.

  10. TootsNYC*

    I need under-bed storage. That’s the thing that would make a big difference for me.
    Our mattress is 25 years old this September (as is our marriage!), so maybe it’s time to renew our bedding.

  11. Victoria Nonprofit (USA)*

    After extensive research I just bought The Best Mattress Ever from Brooklyn Bedding. It’s the same idea as Leesa (and Tuft and Needle and etc.) but uses a higher-density foam, so is less prone to sagging. I LOVE it.

  12. Got mine today*

    Just a head’s up, in the article you say “two inches of dense core support foam” and it’s actually 6 inches of support foam.

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