I have found your new florist

And now a break to talk about a sponsor…

roses close-upI love sending people flowers.

If you’re sick, or just got a new job, or did something nice for me, there is a high likelihood that I will send you flowers.

So I’m excited to tell you about a really cool new flower delivery company: The Bouqs Company. This company is awesome. First of all, these are not ordinary flowers. Some of their flowers – including the ones you see here – are grown ON THE SIDE OF AN ACTIVE VOLCANO (what!?) in Ecuador. The idea is that more sunshine and mineral-rich soil makes for better flowers.

liliesThey’re also cut the same day you order and shipped the next day, so they last longer (they’re not sitting around in warehouses). That means you get them 2-4 days after they were cut, versus 10-14 days after being cut if you order from most other flower services.

I am no botanist, but I can tell you that these flowers arrived at my door lush and fragrant, and unusually beautiful, and they only got more so as the days went on. Those lilies at the left lasted close to two weeks before they started looking even slightly less than fresh. My house looked 10 times better with these flowers in it, like we lived in a magazine.

rosesAll of the flowers from Bouqs.com are grown on sustainable, eco-friendly farms that follow strict responsible farming practices and are third-party certified by Veriflora and The Rainforest Alliance.

And as if that weren’t enough, they are also weirdly affordable. Each of these bouquets you see here? $50 each … even for that bouquet of two dozen roses. That’s crazy affordable, as flower delivery goes; most of their competitors are priced 20-200% higher. (And shipping is always free, so it’s flat pricing – no upsells or hidden costs.)

Having these flowers in my house made me 250% more elegant.

Having these flowers in my house made me 250% more elegant.

If you’d like to try Bouqs.com – and you should! – you can use the code FRESHBLOOMS to receive 20% off your order. (That offer expires in one week.)

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by The Bouqs Company. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. simonthegrey

    Very pretty. My husband used to get me flowers often. Then we got two cats, one of whom is a “everything not on the floor belongs on the floor, preferably in a heap” and the other of whom is a “I can put this in my mouth” kind of cat, so he quit bring flowers home so one wouldn’t knock them over and the other eat them.

    1. Cube Diva

      We have to hide ours in the bathroom for these same reasons. Except we get both in just one cat! :)

  2. Emily

    Despite being beautiful those lilies are highly toxic to cats! You might want to be careful with having them around the house if you weren’t already aware.

      1. cuppa

        Yes, we have to keep them in the bedroom so they are away from the cats. I would love to have them out on my dining room table, but I love my cats more :)

        1. aliascelli

          My cat, after 10 years of living in harmony with the one plant I own (fortunately not a toxic one), has decided to start chewing on it. The first time I saw her do it, I put my hand up to stop her and she LEAPT over it (she has arthritis in every hip)! I think I should check with the vet and see if it’s a sign of missing nutrition, but still. CATS.

    1. super anon

      Ty for confirming. I didn’t want to peruse their website and see their pretty flowers because the majority of awesome things either don’t ship to Canada or are prohibitively expensive if they do, and then I would have just been sad.

    1. Boboccio

      Put a lot of thought into that before doing it. A gift after an interview always makes me really uncomfortable. I hire based solely on who I think will do best in the position, not based on who sends a gift (or thank you note). I also need to consider whether accepting anything constitutes a real or perceived conflict of interest (how much did this bouquet cost?) and if so file a report about it. If it’s delivered in person it’s easy to reject, but not sure how to decline flower delivery.

    2. DebbieDebbieDebbie

      Sorry! It was a joke. I was prompted to do it because of the “You may also like” section where the first letter was “Should I send flowers after a job interview?”

  3. Victoria Nonprofit (USA)

    I’ve seen ads for them on Facebook, and the arrangements look so much more fresh and modern than most florists. Now I just need a reason to send them!

  4. Simplytea

    Oh man–if only you had posted this yesterday. I literally just ordered flowers for my mom!

    Next time…

  5. JeanLouiseFinch

    When I work with a secretary from local counsel’s office and she assists me to get important things filed, I will often send flowers by way of a thanks. I do the same if my secretary goes out of her way to help me get an important job done. It’s not a big expense, but I think it’s really important to show appreciation for people, especially if they are not people that you pay.

  6. Rowan

    I’m trying to phrase this in a way is not insulting your photography skill, which I’m sure is excellent, but I am astonished at how lovely they look for non-professional photography. Obviously people trying to sell flowers go to some pains to make them look vibrant and fresh and I’m guessing you didn’t spend hours staging them in your house! They just look good.

    1. TL -

      I think Alison has mentioned before that her husband does a lot of very good photography (the cat photos.) Was this his work?

    2. AMT

      Yeah, I’m impressed that these arrived looking decent! I’ve dealt with national flower delivery companies before and the experience has always been horrible — they look nothing like the photo *and* they get there late. I’ll keep this one in mind.

  7. Elizabeth West

    Nice! Those lilies are AMAZING!

    I’ll have to try them. I can’t justify spending more than $5 on flowers for myself, but next time I want to delivery somebody, I’ll give them a go. :)

  8. BethRA

    I can vouch for The Bouqs as well – my office has used them a few times, and I have as well. Happy customers all around!

  9. CollegeAdmin

    Those are gorgeous!

    Alison, I love the range of vendors/advertisers you work with. It’s not just “oh, this is a work blog so have an ad for business card holders or whatever” – I feel like you’re really thoughtful about your ad posts and showcase things I never would have found before. I now get NatureBox once a month (love!), have my next mattress picked out, and know where to find some killer flower arrangements. You rock!

    1. Ask a Manager Post author

      Thank you for saying this! I feel strongly about only working with sponsors whose products I can genuinely recommend, and I’m often a lot more enthusiastic about flowers and snacks and such than about business card holders :)

  10. Dana

    I bit — ordered some to arrive at my house two days before I host our family Thanksgiving. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out! And hopefully they’ll impress everyone!

    1. Sadsack

      This is cool. I went looking for Christmas arrangements, but it may be too early. I put a reminder on my calendar to check again in December.

  11. Just another techie

    Thank you! This post reminded me that I need to send Mom flowers for her birthday (which is tomorrow, yikes!)

  12. threeohfive

    this ad could not have come at a better time! my mom’s birthday is this weekend and i just bought 2 dozen gorgeous roses for $50. they had a special “buy one get one free” promotion on select bouquets (or should i say bouqs?) and they will be delivered tomorrow. i’ve ordered from other online flower vendors and the quality is just not there. looking forward to seeing these flowers in person. thanks. :)

  13. The Other Katie

    I’ve used the Bouqs before and loved them! The flowers lasted a really long time (2+ weeks) and were gorgeous. They also are much cheaper than other delivery service – but they don’t come with a vase or arranged, they are just the bouquet in a box. Still a great deal, it just involves a little more work.

  14. Folklorist

    Finishing up a massively stressful project that’s also a huge milestone for me this week. I might need to reward myself. Flowers and a massage sound amazing. (One’s for the office…the other not so much.)

  15. SAHM

    Thanks for this! It’s a special anniversary for my hubby and me coming up so I decided to send him these flowers at work! I hope he gets a kick out of getting flowers at work!

  16. Sparrow

    Thanks for sharing! These are gorgeous. My mom loves flowers so I am going to try this for her birthday next year.

  17. Shell

    I’m not even a flower person, but those are some seriously gorgeous flowers. Wow. How did you find this company, Alison? Or did they find you?

  18. Lainey

    I’ve ordered from them before, but never their next-day or nearly next-day options. I’ve ordered the ones that come a week or so later, and they’re lovely. Also, once you order from them, or sign up for their mailing list, you will often get codes for buy one get one free, or other specials. PLUS, you get a referral link that you can earn free Bouqs for yourself when you link to them and friends order using your link. I think the friend also gets a discount when they use your link, but I’m not positive. That may have just been a limited-time promotion.

    Anyway, all that to say that I was very happy with the flowers I ordered from them. They were beautiful.

  19. nm

    Good to know they do not include arrangement or vase – that nixes this company for me. I’ll keep them in mind for others though!

    1. Ask a Manager Post author

      Good thing to note, yes! I actually really liked that, because I have way too many vases and am always sort of annoyed when yet another vase arrives and I have to figure out a place to store it afterwards. So I took the lack of vase as a bonus, but I could see how it might not be for everyone!

      1. Katie the Fed

        I hate cheapo vases. I have some beautiful vases I got as wedding gifts after far prefer them to anything from a florist. And a delivered vase is just another thing to store

  20. Desichan

    Thank you so much for posting this!!! I think this is a company that I will choose to purchase from and I’ve already shared it with basically all of my friends. I think the flowers are just gorgeous and I love the idea of having roses that were grown on the side of a volcano. I also appreciate that they share photos from their customers.

  21. s.b.

    They’re not exactly new – been around a few years at least – but I love the Bouqs. Most flower delivery sites are terrible; I use them based on the quality of the website alone.

  22. Takver

    May I recommend plucking the stamens off of the lilies? Keeps the pollen from staining the petals. Beautiful flowers!

  23. Ivan

    The codes seems to not work anymore, even though it hasn’t been a week yet. Any chance there’s another code?

    1. Ask a Manager Post author

      FRESHBLOOMS should still work! You can’t have another discount applied in your account (sometimes the WELCOME discount is automatically applied in the cart) so see if you can remove that one before applying FRESHBLOOMS.

  24. DLW

    My mom got the flowers yesterday, the You Rock bouquet (Matthiola Incanda), and they absolutely gorgeous! She is thrilled. Thanks for the great recommendation Alison.

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