I’m the new work advice columnist for New York Magazine!

I am bursting with excitement about this and now I get to announce it: I’m the new work advice columnist for New York Magazine! I’ll be writing a weekly column there tackling bosses, coworkers, and other aspects of work life.

In my first column, I answer a letter from someone who keeps accidentally becoming friends with her managers and a letter from someone whose coworkers don’t realize that there’s lots more to her job than assisting her boss.

Please go check it out here!

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    1. Florida*

      I just clicked through. Do you pick the stock photos? Because that hairdo is something else. And a typewriter!?!

        1. justsomeone*

          ….I fell for it and did think it was you. I thought “that’s a new look for Alison….”

        2. Florida*

          If people think that’s you, they won’t send any questions about computers. They’ll send questions about the distraction of the co-worker who is clacking on the typewriter all day long. :)

        3. ArtsNerd*

          Oh I’m glad you like the photo! My gut reaction was “ugh, biting a pencil?” But since it has your okay, I’m totally down.


    2. Oh Fed*

      Seriously wonderful! Isn’t it great when wonderful things happen to deserving people?!?

    3. The Cosmic Avenger*

      Woohoo! I clicked through and turned off AdBlock for nymag.com/thecut/* just to make sure they know they’ve got something good there. :) I actually didn’t see any ads at all even then, certainly nothing flashing or playing sounds, so good on them!

      1. Jaguar*

        I actually got a huge, take-up-the-whole-screen ad, and clicking on the X to get rid of it also clicked through on the banner ad that was underneath it.

        1. The Cosmic Avenger*

          Hm. Maybe it’s because of my script blocker and having Flash turned off (since Adobe is abandoning it anyway, it’s a security nightmare), but I didn’t see any ads. I only allow Javascript if it’s necessary for the site to function anyway, and while I’ll often turn it on for the site I’m visiting, there are often other domains that are trying to load scripts, and I prefer as a rule to keep those blocked.

          1. Jaguar*

            Often take-up-the-whole-screen stuff is randomly pushed so you don’t see it on _every single page_. So, not every gets it.

            I just find it funny (and a little devious) that they record the click on the content under the ad as well and position ads where the X is.

            Although, maybe I just double-clicked. Who knows?

    4. TootsNYC*

      I have been waiting for some magazine to snap you up. I tried to get mine to, but we have relatively little job coverage, and they want to move it around from format to format, topic to topic.

      You’re going to be great! Hope they don’t edit you too heavily!

    5. One of the Sarahs*

      So so happy for you – you absolutely deserve it! I’ll be clicking from the coffee shops on my other devices too :-D

  1. BRR*

    Congratulations! I love that you are reaching a wider audience because it gives me hope that more people will adopt your advice.

  2. Triangle Pose*

    Yay, AskaManager takeover! I’m so happy to see you popping up in many places and mediums, Alison! Congrats and here’s my hope that your sound advice and reasonable approach will takeover and become the norm!

  3. The IT Manager*


    I’m actually jealous of your LW#2. I don’t form friendly relationships with my bosses and I really feel our entirely professional relationship that was a contributing factor in my lack of advancement and eventual lay off. OTOH I can see that LW goes too far in the opposite direction.

    1. LW#2*

      Don’t be jealous! It really does make for some awkward situations. :)

      I think there’s a middle ground there to shoot for. I’m in a my new position now and I think I’m pretty close to where I want to be: casual/friendly conversations, but no after work outings. I think my new manager is on the same page for once, which has been great.

      Oh, and I don’t think it helped me much in terms of advancement, but that was mostly because I worked for organizations that had very strict guidelines about promotions/raises. Think public service/university settings. But it would have been nice!

      1. MashaKasha*

        Yes, LW#2, I admit I felt for you when I got to the part about the sales parties invitations. I’d freak out if I were to receive such an invite from my boss. It’d almost imply that I’m expected to go, and buy things I do not need and cannot afford… Of course, knowing myself, my response would’ve been “awww, so sorry to miss your party, but I have a prior commitment I cannot get out of, what a bummer!”

        I think I want to be (and mostly have been) exactly where you want to be – “casual/friendly conversations, but no after work outings”. It’s a great place to be.

    2. Critter*

      I am too! It’s not that I want to be bosom friends with my bosses, but I do find it difficult to make friends and here they are just falling into them. Dernit ;)

  4. mockingbird2081*

    Congrats!!! I really enjoy your blog and love that you have been given these great opportunities. GO! FIGHT! WIN!

  5. B*

    Congratulations!!! This is absolutely fantastic. Will you be posting a link to them here as well like the Inc ones?

      1. Cristina in England*

        Hooray! Congrats and thanks for posting the link every week. I didn’t see a way to sign up for weekly Boss emails like I do with Ask Polly, so I am very happy to know I will get it in my feed here. :-)

      2. Jessica*

        Oh, good! I was coming here to see if you’d put up a link each week, because that’s the easiest way for me to remember to read it. I already have you in my feed reader as a reminder to check in daily, so that will get me to the other one, too. :)

  6. Katie the Fed*

    I feel like it’s going to sound patronizing to say this, but I’m really proud of you. You’ve worked so hard and have helped so many people – it’s nice to see bigger and better things happening for you :)

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      Aw, thank you. I really appreciate that!

      NYMag’s profile on the site a month ago actually kicked off a crazy wave of interest from a bunch of places that has been lots of fun.

  7. Long time follower*

    Congrats to you! How exciting. It was just a matter of time before you were “discovered”!

  8. OlympiasEpiriot*

    Hmmm…you’ll be getting a whole OTHER group of commenters then. Lotsa opinionated Noo Yawkers (n wannabes).

    –Signed, a sorta Noo Yawker.

    1. OlympiasEpiriot*

      OOOHHH! I forgot to say Congratulations! I was thinking it. Great gig, Alison. :-)

      1. Pwyll*

        When I think of the “like a boss” skit, I also immediately think of the “throw it on the ground” skit, and conflate the two. I enjoy picturing bosses randomly throwing things on the ground, I suppose.

        1. FD*

          “And he said, ‘Wakeen, would you file these reports for me?’
          “I said, ‘MAN, why d’you think I’d do something like that? So I threw it on the GROUND!'”

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      Nope! Won’t impact the number of posts (or letters answered here) at all. I save one slot a day for linking to outside stuff, updates, or etc.

  9. Aurion*

    Congratulations, Alison!

    Between this site, NY Mag, INC, and all the other things you must be doing so much writing every day :)

      1. Aurion*

        Don’t you expand on the answers for the reprints though? I guess that still doesn’t take as much time as writing from scratch, but still. Kudos :)

  10. animaniactoo*

    Congratulations! That’s a nice placement. Q: Can you add a link to your new weekly roundup? Because I want to say that I will always make sure to go click to help the readership numbers, but knowing me right now I’m going to forget and then remember a week or 2 later… hopefully…

  11. BlackEyedPea*

    Congrats, Alison!!! I’m so happy for you and all the success you’re having lately!

  12. Poppy*

    Congratulations! Just clicked through and read the article, looks like I’ve got another weekly column to read :)

  13. Volunteer Enforcer*

    Get in there!! Your writing is an excellent mixture of amusement and advice.

  14. Junipergreen*

    I absolutely love seeing good things happen for good people. Congrats! And yay for all us readers: More Alison on the Internet!!!

  15. SaraV*


    All the yays and woo-hoos and cupcakes and sprinkles and unicorns…

    Did I go too far?

    I went too far… ;)


  16. VivaL*

    This is great news! Will these be new letters or older ones like at Inc??


  17. CM*

    Yay, congratulations!!! I have to say that out of all the excellent advice columnists I read (confession, I’m an advice column junkie), I think you consistently have the most sensible and helpful advice, delivered with both empathy and a dose of reality. I think the world will be a better place with lots more people reading you in NY Mag and wherever else you will end up in the future.

  18. Happy Dance*

    Congrats!! Also a neat reminder to see that while NYM is a well-renowned and popular publication, your interactive follower base still kicks butt compared to any big wig site when it comes to audience engagement. I’ve been reading daily for 2 yrs now and it still impresses me to see how this close-nit community blossoms throughout the comments and open threads. Truly a special accomplishment – don’t forget to give yourself credit for that!

  19. Turanga Leela*

    Congratulations! I’m so excited! I love NY Mag. I’m going to imagine you going to staff parties with all the other writers. Tell Jonathan Chait that I love him but he’s wrong about NYC charter schools.

  20. Former Computer Professional*

    Congratulations! The best thing to happen to New York Magazine since Mary Ann Madden.

  21. (Not an IRS) Auditor*

    Fantastic news Alison! Agree with all the others that you are definitely one of the very best advice columnists out there.

  22. Bossy Magoo*

    Congrats! I always look forward to reading new content from you on AAM, so I know the New York Magazine readers will love you too!

  23. Jane Gloriana Villanueva*

    Congratulations, Alison! This is so fantastic. I always tell people I found this blog when I was unemployed 6 years ago and still read it several times a week because the advice is that good. Excited that you are really about to take the country by storm, because your audience has benefited so much! “We read her when…” :) You’re a True Boss.

  24. GreenTeaPot*

    Congrats! You deserve it! Wish you’d been around when I wad 25, except you probably weren’t even born yet…

  25. LTR*

    Congratulations! How very exciting for you (and for all of us regular AAM readers to have another avenue to read your excellent advice)!

  26. Walter*

    Congratulations Allison! Well deserved for the great content you provide on a daily basis! I hope you thrive in this role!

  27. Frustrated Optimist*

    Adding my congratulations, but I also have a question about the LW who is trying to set boundaries with her managers: Sure, declining a cruise is a no-brainer, but how should she address the invitations to the various parties…Including the parties where you’re basically being asked to buy something (handbags, jewelry, etc.)?

    I am comfortable declining the “sales” parties from co-workers (“Sorry — not in my budget!), but it seems even more tricky when it’s your boss inviting you. And what about the birthday and football-watching parties, etc.? Should she try to attend a few, so as to avoid being seen as rude or stand-offish?

      1. Frustrated Optimist*

        Thank you! In my scrolling, I advertently skipped down too far and only saw the following paragraph on social media. But hey, you got an extra click out of it, because I had to go back and re-read. ;) And I’m keeping the “…I’ve vowed to have better boundaries” line in my back pocket. =)

  28. Betty (the other Betty)*

    Congratulations! I’ve been following AAM for a couple of years and it is so fun to see your successes piling up. Yay!

  29. KarenD*

    This is truly outstanding and very, very well-deserved. Congratulations!

    I agree with others who say you consistently give the best advice (I still appreciate your help this past weekend). I will be sure to give you lots o’clicks and engaged minutes :)

  30. Ruthan Freese*

    Congratulations! Thanks for your ongoing work to make the working world a saner and more pleasant place. :D

  31. stevenz*

    Congratulations! What are you going to do with all that extra money? I hear Ferrari has a new model coming out.
    Oh, and that’s a smashing picture of you!

  32. Green*

    Congratulations!! Your site is my absolute go-to for professional advice. I’m very happy to hear you’re getting such a fantastic opportunity! More proof we’ve all be coming to the right place!

  33. Sophie*

    I actually found the article posted on Facebook first – it was a bit of a shock hah! Congrats!

  34. AF*

    Get it, girl! That’s super awesome! I love NY Mag and glad they had the good sense to bring you on board!!

  35. Liz*

    Congratulations! This is exciting, not only because I’ll have another way to garner your advice, but also because I’ll have another way to garner your advice. :)

  36. Windchime*

    I’ll add my congratulations to all of those above. And I did click through. Congrats, you deserve it!

  37. Lead, Follow or Get Outta the Way!*

    Congratulations Alison! Keep up the great writing and we’ll keep reading!

  38. motherofdragons*

    This is so exciting and a wonderful accomplishment!! Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing more of your stellar advice there!

  39. Aidan*

    I’m just catching up on AAM posts, and have only been a lurker for a few years now, but I’m so thrilled for your increasing success! My friends all know where my sensible work advice comes from :-)

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