come see me in NYC on Tuesday night

If you’re in New York City, come see me on Tuesday night (tomorrow)! I’m speaking and will be doing lots of audience Q&A and signing books, and you should come! I’m told there will be wine.

Details and tickets here.

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  1. Alex*

    Are you doing a book tour or is this a one-off type event that you’ll continue posting?

  2. Sally*

    Congratulations! If I still lived in NYC, I would be there. I’m sure it will be a huge success.

  3. I'm going miss it :(*

    I am travelling (too much) for work and will be out of town tomorrow. Otherwise, I would have loved to go!

  4. Mimmy*

    Oh this is so tempting!! One of these days, I’m going to move to NYC because that’s where all the cool stuff happens and schlepping from central NJ isn’t very easy!

  5. Czhorat*

    I’m in the city, but I have things to do Tuesday evening.


    Hope everyone has fun.

  6. Caroline*

    OMG my coworker and I just bought tickets! We are so excited! We feel like we’re going to meet George Clooney or something!

  7. Aussie Teacher*

    I saw your book in an airport shop in Tasmania, Australia while travelling recently! I’m guessing you’re probably not coming down to Australia any time soon though…

  8. There All Is Aching*

    Dang it all, I can’t make it! Have fun, everyone! And maybe if you circle back to NY/NJ, I won’t have a conflict :)

  9. Thany*

    Alison, are you going to post a book tour schedule at some point? I’d love to know if you’re coming near me. Thanks!

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