here’s a way to make tax season easier

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Tax season is soon to be upon us – and if you’re a small business, you know what paperwork hassles it can bring.

Blue Summit Supplies is a really useful one-stop tax resource for small businesses. They offer everything your small business needs for a smooth and stress-free tax season – from tax forms, envelopes, and software to free educational resources – all of it designed to make filing 1099’s and W2’s quicker, cheaper, and easier.

You can reduce the stress of tax season by stocking up on Blue Summit Supplies’ 100% IRS-compliant tax form kits and bundles of 1099s and W2s. Plus, you’ll get fast, free shipping on all orders within the continental U.S. so you’ll get your forms in plenty of time for the January 31 filing deadline (which is just over two weeks away!).

The Taxpayer First Act, passed into law last year, requires that most small businesses begin e-filing their taxes within the next few years. Blue Summit Supplies makes that easy with their simple e-filing service. Plus, they offer the newest version of TFP, one of the fastest, most efficient tax preparation programs for small businesses.

You can also check out Blue Summit Supplies’ Tax Preparation hub, where you’ll find  easily digestible and up-to-date tax information like how to fill out tax forms, how to print on to tax forms, how to use certain tax forms, and more.

Visit to learn more. Now through January 31, Ask a Manager readers will get 10% off your purchase of any paper tax forms or envelopes if you use the code ASK10 at checkout.

They send you everything you need to file your small business’s tax forms – even envelopes!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Blue Summit Supplies. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Amber Rose*

    We’re living in Canada, but husband is dual and has to file US taxes every year. Can he e-file? I’m tired of having to constantly having to pay for friggin’ secure post with extra tracking just to file one stupid form that says he doesn’t owe taxes.

    1. Link*

      Yes, the IRS website has several options for e-filing. There is no requirement that you have to physically be in the US to e-file. I lived outside the US for a few years and I always e-filed.

    2. The Man, Becky Lynch*

      I’m pretty sure location issues is a huge reason for e-filing.

      Has he tried before and been blocked or is it assumed he can’t?

      Especially since it’s a no US income form. There’d rather have it all electronic.

  2. Merci Dee*

    I get the TFP software every year for filing our 1099s. We’ve got less than 50 recipients, so the TFP software and paper forms are a good option for us. It’s easy to roll over information from one year to the next, and setting up new payees in the software is really fast and easy. I can usually get all of our information rolled over, new payees added, and payment information added to the forms within a single afternoon.

    I just wish I had my own printer for printing out the forms, instead of using my current complicated system since we have a shared printer. :/

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