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In case you need these posts today:

update: my boss wants to give me his kidney
(original post here, and second update here)

update: my company wants to sponsor me for a service dog, but I’m not sure I should accept
(original post here and later update here)

update: I don’t want my coworkers to know I’m living off cupcakes from the employee kitchen (original post here and first update here)

update: I manage someone who was terribly harmed by my family … what do I do?


animals taking over home offices

animal coworkers part 2

the entire “happy endings” category

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  1. LimeRoos*

    Thank you for this!! I’ve really appreciated all the extra/good/interesting posts you’ve done in the last few days and the distraction they provide.

  2. Rafflesia Reaper*

    Q: how do you spot an AAM reader?
    A: say the words “go get your dog” and see if they cry.

    thanks for this post.

    1. Batty Twerp*

      I have “Go get your dog” on a post note under my monitor. As motivational/happiness generators go, it’s one of the best (and most obscure!)

  3. Mockingjay*

    Go get YOUR dogs, whatever shape they take.

    I think this is my favorite letter. Because – DOGS.

    1. Grand Admiral Thrawn Is Still Blue*

      I think for me, no good story here will ever top the service dog story. It was just too freaking awesome.

  4. Jackalope*

    Alison, thank you so much for this. I’m so thankful for this space to read and be reminded that the world still has some good things no matter what happens with this election.

    1. Ali G*

      My brain immediately went to Duck Club and I was wondering WTH Alison put that on this list! These ducks are so much better!

      1. Duck Lady*

        I am the duck keeper and have been having a very sad and anxious day. Thank you for pointing out that they are still a source of light and sweet quacks! I couldn’t see through the fog today and it makes me very happy they are spreading more joy.

  5. EPLawyer*

    I needed to see ducks playing in the water today.

    The cupcake one made me tear up. This commentariat is some of the most thoughtful caring people out there. I know that person is not the only one people have offered to help.

  6. Foreign Octopus*

    All I saw was your reminder that there is much good in the world and then DUCKS.

    It made me snort. Thank you.

  7. CM*

    Re-read the update from the person who was living off food from the kitchen — she signs off, “Wishing you a happy and hopeful 2015!” Yes it was…

  8. Kidney recipient*

    I am a recent kidney transplant recipient. My close friend donated to me. We both are doing very well. If she were commenting she would tell you all that it was one of the greatest things that have happened in her life – right up there with marrying her husband and having her children. OP, I hope you and your sister are doing well.

    Over 100,000 people in the US alone are waiting for a kidney transplant. If anyone is inspired by the OP’s original letter and updates to consider being a donor, more information is available at the National Kidney Foundation web site:

  9. Fancy Owl*

    When the animal coworker post first ran, I was working at my kitchen table which was… less than ideal. While I was scrolling though the pictures I saw someone using a folding table as a desk and suddenly realized I had one of those in the closet. I now have a home office setup in my bedroom that’s much better. So thank you whoever posted that picture! I’m also glad I can use it again, they made us come into the office all summer but finally saw the writing on the wall in August.

  10. Girl Alex PR*

    I’m the kidney transplant OP and I just wanted to do a short update! I am a couple years out now and super healthy! I finished the Marine Corps Marathon last year with my husband and now former boss- he and I both moved on to different federal agencies, but he is such a big part of my life as a mentor still. My sister is in undergrad and planning to attend my parents alma mater for med school, which bums me out ha. Everyone is great and I am still so amazed by how blessed I am.

      1. Girl Alex PR*

        Absolutely! I should have sent it in to you directly, but it’s a very small update and I didn’t think my letters would come up again! :)

    1. Picard*

      So glad to hear you’re doing well! DId you end up getting the kidney from your (adopted!) sister?

    2. Kidney recipient*

      Girl Alex PR, I’m so happy to hear that your transplant has been a success and your sister is doing well. I’m a few months out from a transplant and it has been life changing. I remember reading your letter and updates back in 2018 and they helped me a lot when I was going dialysis and the process of being approved for my transplant.

      1. Girl Alex PR*

        That makes me so happy to hear! It’s scary and life altering for sure! Other than recovery, the hardest part about it is avoiding raw sushi and I am incredibly grateful for that :)

    3. the Viking Diva*

      the husband is the now former boss, or you ran with both people?? If the former, we definitely need more of an update!!

  11. Puppy!*

    Go Get Your Dog- letter writer changed my life. I have a chronic debilitating genetic illness. I have been successful in my work because all time that isn’t recuperating or dealing with illness is work.
    Given what I can and can’t do, a dog was out of the question. These letter planted a seed. Friends and family told me not to be ableist and ask for help. The 12-week-old girl dog arrived 2 weeks ago. She IS hard work but I have a team of people socially distancing for dog walks and playtime. I am scheduled with a zoom puppy class. We are doing well.
    She is a joy when she isn’t overtired. (as am I)

    1. Ask a Manager* Post author

      Oh my goodness, I’m delighted to read this. Would you like to … send a photo of the dog? Either way, I would love to print this as part of the December updates too.

  12. Not So NewReader*

    Thank you so much for collecting these and reminding us. How’s the song go? “And in the end, only kindness matters….” I never remember the song, just that one line sticks with me.

    I was very impressed with all of these stories but the “go get your dog” felt like a rallying cry that would speak to most of us about something in our lives and I also was impressed with the boss trying to help the subordinate who had been harmed by his family. The latter was such a difficult situation and no map or guidebook to follow along. I was impressed with his self-awareness and impressed with his total willingness to call in others. Those two attributes will carry a person a long way even if the territory is totally unfamiliar. I hope OP-Boss and Employee are doing well, regardless of whether Employee stayed or moved on.

  13. David*

    The combination of update posts and good news is just right for today. I’m coming out of lurker mode to express my appreciation – thanks Alison!

  14. Lindsay W.*

    I needed to read these today – thank you Alison! I actually started crying with the kidney post.

  15. Princess Deviant*

    I was the first person to comment on the ducks post by wishing everyone a happy 2020…I will keep my mouth shut from now on!

  16. Verde*

    We have 12 ducks at our house. They are better than Prozac. They live in the back yard, make cute noises, give us eggs, pick on our dogs, and our cats are scared of them. It’s a wonderful thing. They’re a lot of fun when you’re gardening, they hang out hoping you’ll find treats for them. Also, haven’t seen a slug in our yard in 8 years. Ducks!

  17. Aphrodite*

    I was (again) most touched by the boss who asked for advice on how to talk to his employee who had been raped by his estranged sister’s son. I cried through both the original post and the update. I hope both he and the employee are doing well, that she found some measure of peace by his actions, and that he appreciates how wonderfully he approached and dealt with the situation. I’d love to hear from him again; he sounded like one of the world’s best bosses.

  18. Late To The Party*

    I sure would love to hear another update from the fabulous manager whose report was harmed by his family. Any chance you could reach out to him, Alison, and find out if the report stayed or left for another job etc?

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