it’s your Friday good news

It’s your Friday good news!

1.  “I am very excited to share my Friday good news — you can count me as one of those that thought ‘this will never happen to me!’

I got fed up with my job this summer when they denied me to work from home one additional day (to make my schedule 2 days in office and 3 at home) and then got further fed up after promotions were announced. I got nothing – nor did anyone in my entire department – and I realized there was no path for me to move up or make more money beyond the 1-2% COLA for a few years. I resolved to start looking in November, after my 401k had vested another 20%.

Well, I didn’t even make it that long – after one frustrating day in September, I decided to just go ahead and apply to a bunch of remote jobs I saw online that were well suited to my skills and interests. From this batch I had three interviews. One ghosted me afterward, another I made it to the final round but passed on because the salary was too low, and the third I started last week!

I got a 30% salary bump in a fully remote position with truly amazing benefits at a company whose work aligns with my values. I keep pinching myself because I keep thinking someone is pranking me. But after a week of onboarding I am believing it is true. And the silver lining is – it turns out I became 100% vested in my previous 401k since I had turned 55 this year. On a side note, I had also been nervous about applying for jobs with gray hair for the first time…but apparently that didn’t matter.

So keep the faith, AAM readers — your next and better job may be just around the corner! Here’s to a wonderful 2023 to all. ”

2.  “I know you hear this all the time but I never thought I’d be writing to you. I work in a company that has very little room for growth or upward mobility. In July my boss quit her job very suddenly. After 6 years in my position I applied for the job only to have them hire an external candidate who used to work for the company 4 years ago and with whom I had some history of conflict when we worked together previously. I was bitterly disappointed and began job searching in earnest. I got several interviews but no one would hire me. I resigned myself to working for this person and to just keep my head down and handle it with as much grace as possible.

Fast forward two months and the person they hired hates the job and quit and the promotion was offered to me! At first I was still a little resentful but I remembered your oft-stated advice that being second choice for a job is not a bad thing and often works out. I gladly accepted the position and will be getting almost a 30% raise, and a job that I can really grow into! Thank you so much for your advice.”

3.  “I’ve been reading your blog for a few years, and I wanted to share good news!

I was working in a non-profit organization for the past decade, and while I truly loved my work, I struggled to cope with a very toxic manager and a dysfunctional leadership team. When I was promoted to a manager myself a few years ago, I started reading your blog to learn more about how to support my team, and it helped me realize just how toxic the situation had become. But I loved the work so much I just continued to tolerate it. Over the past six months, it got so much worse, and with support from your amazing readers and lots of late nights reading past questions, I started a job search. Last month, I was hired into the exact position I had been hoping for, with the bonus of being fully remote!

Every meeting I’ve been in so far has been professional and productive. My new supervisor actively solicits my input on projects, and I’m already realizing how underutilized my skills were in my prior position. I’m actually looking forward to our busy season and to new challenges, and my mental health is improving by the day!”

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  1. Elps*

    LW3, congratulations! As a fellow non-profit employee, it can be SO hard to leave a toxic situation. I’m actually kind of hoping that you’re a former colleague of mine, who stayed at a very difficult organization while I left some years ago. But, congrats to you and best wishes in this work!

    1. LW #3*

      I had several colleagues leave prior to me, all of whom stayed in touch and were instrumental in helping me realize that doing good work didn’t mean much if I was suffering. My new role is such a great fit for me, and it’s so important to realize that you can continue to do good, important work AND be treated with respect!

      1. Boof*

        Congrats- and yes, no need to set yourself on fire to keep others warm! There are better ways! Glad you’ve found a place that treats everyone with the respect they deserve

  2. Anonymouse*

    Great stories! So happy for those that write in to share their hopeful inspirational stories!

  3. Momma Bear*

    Excellent updates! I’m glad for LW2 that they were able to stay long enough to fill the role. I had that happen – got passed over but then called back for round 2 a few months later. But also, looking around sometimes gives you perspective. I think if LW hadn’t been happy at the company at all, they would still be looking vs accepting the new position. Sometimes looking shows you what you have is worth keeping, with a tweak.

  4. Chilipepper Attitude*

    Thank you to all for writing in! I know the joy of finally getting your own Good Friday news and I know that these stories sustained me when times were very tough. I really value the time you took to write in! And congratulations to all!!!

  5. Thin Mints didn't make me thin*

    hey, employers, note that LW3 calls being fully remote a bonus and that it helped them decide to move to a new role. Want to keep your people? Don’t make them show up to the office if the job doesn’t require it.

  6. RJ*

    I am so happy for OP 1, 2 and 3. These stories always give me hope and I’m glad to read about people finding better jobs and better situations overall.

    1. LW #3*

      I held on to the Good News Fridays like a lifeline while I was in the situation. I hope, if you need a new situation, you have your own good story soon!

  7. raincoaster*

    “I know you hear this all the time but I never thought I’d be writing to you.“

    AskAManager is the new Penthouse Letters.

  8. BlackCatOwner*

    I got a new job today and am really happy. I made a mid-life career change to accounting and now am making a pivot over to IT as a Business Systems Analyst for the accounting team and I’m over the moon about it.

    I’ve also changed jobs 3 times in just over 2 years (this new job makes 4) and have raised my salary every single time. Know your worth. Don’t stay at jobs that aren’t helping you be where you want to be or do what you want to do. Be your own advocate – you can make change happen for yourself. And don’t get me wrong – I’ve had my share of downs to go with the ups, including spending years at a toxic job, being fired multiple times over the course of my career, etc. You just have to take each day as it comes, though, and always look for the things you CAN control and not get overwhelmed by the things you can’t.

  9. 401kevin*

    I think they meant invested in company match in the 401k. Nobody can take or keep your contributions which unless you have the most generous company on the planet represents a majority of the money.

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