Ask a Manager in the media

Here’s some coverage of Ask a Manager in the media recently:

I talked to Vox about how to disagree at work without ruining the relationship.

I talked to CNBC about what topics to avoid discussing with your boss.

I was on Slate’s How To! podcast this week, advising a woman who struggles with taking feedback at work. (If you miss the AAM podcast, this was a similar format.)

Ask a Manager was a clue in a Walrus crossword puzzle!

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  1. Sloanicota*

    Oh man, that’s so fun! Lifetime achievement to be an answer in a crossword! Got to be a sign you’re reaching pop culture saturation.

    1. ferrina*

      This is amazing! Crosswords are serious business. And I love the letters that the crossword author highlighted

      1. Saturday*

        Yes! If I were doing that crossword and wasn’t already an AAM reader, I would absolutely look it up immediately!

      2. KateM*

        I’m not sure what highlighting do you mean – the fact that the program shows in blue where the letters go for the clue one has selected?

        1. SarHam*

          I made the same mistake. I think the person means the letter examples in the clues – the ones in the quote marks.

    2. Ultimate Facepalm*

      Love it! I would have been so excited to see this clue in my crossword!

  2. ErinW*

    Did anyone listen to the HowTo! podcast? I admit, I found the woman’s work issue very strange. Alison did a great job of talking her through it, but I think ultimately the problem was her intense insecurity and not her workplace at all.

  3. anonymousfornow*

    Congratulations on your recent success!

    I’ve been reading your column for several years. I would love to see an article, or rather, a series of articles/videos with you coordinated with the clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula. Dr. Ramani specializes in narcissistic relationships. I believe narcissism is prevalent in the workplace, goes way beyond the typical “crappy manager” trope, and is such an important topic as the impacts these people leave on subordinates and coworkers can be truly devastating.

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